Charlie Hebdo: the French Free Speech?

Charlie Hebdo's satirical cartoon
 A Muslim extremist sent words of threat to slaughter Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine, after the magazine published a caricature of Islam.
Recently, Charlie Hebdo published a brochure with a cover cartoon of a Muslim man and a Muslim woman. In the cartoon, the woman is wearing a headscarf and the man has long beards, Islamic style.
However, both of them are naked and smiling and dancing freely, along with the caption “Musulmans de-cents-CEZ-vous” which means “The reforms of Muslim. Muslim has opened”. The cartoon has even posted as the avatar of Charlie Hebdo’s Facebook page.
Right after the brochure was published, the magazine’s staffs have received a lot of hand-writing letters, threatening that: “You will die.” Immediately, Charlie Habdo had to call Paris police for protection, and added that they have been threatening since the beginning of the summer.
At the moment, the cartoon has sparked a critical wave in France. It also turns France into targets of Muslim extremist forces’ attacks.
As we known, this French satirical magazine has been in trouble a lot of times because of publishing provocative cartoons related to sensitive matters. For example, drawing caricatures of drought Syrian children being washed ashore in the refugee journey, or satire about migration crisis in Europe...
However the international does not seem to feel funny to see these caricatures. Otherwise, they has sparked outrage to the public and been targets of terrorists’ attacks.
Remember that, January 7 2015, the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris was attacked by armed terrorists, 12 people were killed, 11 people were wounded including 4 people were in bad injure. The terrorists announced that the attack was in revenge for the magazine’s publishing of caricatures insulting the Prophet Mohammed.
After the attack, the magazine’s staffs had been working under the protection of the police. And now, after the latest cartoon was published, the staffs have received consecutively 60 threatening letters, prompting a massacre again in France in future.

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Pack Cassiopian 23/8/16 21:44

In my opinion, it's unacceptable in international journalism

MaskOf Zero 23/8/16 21:45

Charlie Hebdo has gone too far on the freedom of speech and journalism

Love Peace 23/8/16 21:47

Respect the other's belief and religion

Only Solidar 23/8/16 21:48

Charlie Hebdo’s refugee cartoon isn’t satirical. It’s inflammatory

Deck Hero14 23/8/16 21:49

The magazine continues to publish its provocative covers and cartoons

yobro yobro 23/8/16 21:50

I hesitate to criticise Charlie Hebdo

John Smith 23/8/16 21:52

Naturally, it has caused outrage and been widely condemned

Jane smartnic 23/8/16 21:53

The French magazine is being criticised widely for publishing a cartoon depicting the death of three-year-old Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi as its own controversial take on the refugee and migration crisis

Gentle Moon 23/8/16 21:57

Stop publishing cartoons like this, it just make the world worst

LawrenceSamuels 23/8/16 21:59

I don't like Charlie Hebdo's satirical cartoons

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