Vietnam has many important contributions to the development of ASEAN

On August 8 1967, the Association of Southeast Asia Nations was established, giving birth to a comprehensive regional cooperation organization, an united and dynamic political-economic entity.
ASEAN has become an indispensable partner of the countries and major centers in the world, is the most important factor for maintaining a peaceful environment, security and cooperation for development in the region.
As a member of ASEAN, Vietnam has always shown the responsibility, has actively participated and contributed to the policy formulation as well as the implementation of the cooperation agreements of the Association.
ASEAN has transformed from a loosely connected organization, which included only six countries, to become the 10-countries ASEAN in Southeast Asia, a cohesive community with institution and Charter. That is a huge tranform in both the organization and the nature.
ASEAN's external relations have been developing totally different than in the past because of the more participation and engage of the countries, especially big countries.
ASEAN has promoted the leading role, building cooperation structures in the region and contributed importantly to maintain peace, stability and cooperation in the region.
Especially the end of 2015, with the efforts of the member countries, ASEAN has officially formed the Community. This is really a milestone in the history of the ASEAN’s development.
Since joining ASEAN in date July 281995, Vietnam has had important marks and contributions.
Firstly, Vietnam has actively participated and contributed to the process of developing and implementing important policies to guide ASEAN cooperation as well as the cooperation between ASEAN and outside.
Recently, Vietnam has actively contributed in the formation of the ASEAN Community through the efforts implemented in practice as well as the contributions to build steps of ASEAN development in the next 10 years (2020 vision).
Secondly, Vietnam has actively contributed in maintaining intra-regional solidarity, promoted regional self-reliance and the central role of ASEAN in the evolving regional structure formation. At the ASEAN’s conferences and forums, Vietnam has always demonstrated its role in this regard.
Thirdly, Vietnam has made important contributions in maintaining an peaceful environment and security in the region, including ensuring peace, security and safety of navigation in the East Sea (or the South China Sea). This is also an outstanding contribution of Vietnam that is highly appreciated by other countries.
Since the formation of the ASEAN Community by the end of 2015, ASEAN has implemented the plans of the ASEAN Community in 2025. This process has also recorded Vietnam with marks of positive contributions.
2016 is the first year in implementing the ASEAN Vision 2025 and the community plans on the three pillars of politics-security, economic and socio-cultural.
Besides, the ASEAN countries are actively completing the Master Plan for the connection from now on to 2025 and the Action Plan for ASEAN Integration Initiative on narrowing the development gap for the period the next period. This process is expected to be fully completed before the ASEAN Summit in Laos in September, therefore the ASEAN leaders can review and adoption at the Summit.
This will also be the ASEAN countries’ plans that will be implemented in the near future.
Overall, with the policy that highly respects the role of ASEAN and the active and positive spirit, Vietnam has being contributed actively to the above process. /.

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