Poor lives of children in Syria war


Omran Daqneesh, a Syrian boy, has been a typical example of the Syria war but Daqneesh is just one of many children who have been badly affected by conflict in this country.
The picture which posed the 5-year old Omran Daqneesh with glazed eyes and bloody face sitting on the ambulance on August 17 has been a phenomenon on the social network, portraying the fierce battle in Aleppo between Syria Government’s forces and the rebel.
According to the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF), 8.4 millions children, accounting for 80% of Syrian children, have been affected by the war.
In 2016, 13,5 millions Syrian people need humanitarian assistance, in which 6 millions are children. They have run out of food, medical care and education services as a result of the war.
A man saves a wounded girl in Aleppo.
The older brother of this boy was killed in the region under the control of the rebel in Idlib province.  In a refugee camp, 79%  children have their relatives killed in the Syria war, according to the Migration Policy Institute based in the US
3.7 millions Syrian children have been born since the beginning of the war, which means 1/3 of Syrian children have been exposed to violence since their inception.
Ghazal, 4 years old (left) and Judy, 7 years old, carrying an 8-month child were screaming when an attack of the government forces broke out.
Sheima, 5 years old, was hit by a bullet and lost both of her eyes. She has been under treatment in a hospital in Kilis, Turkey
A wounded boy is taking care in the hospital after an air strike in Douma area of Damacus, Syria.
In Aleppo, 95% doctors has been escaped, detained or killed that makes the medical care difficult for people
Gharam, an orphaned girl, is in a meeting of the Damacus Lovers, a group assists the orphaned children in Ghouta, the suburb in the east of Damacus.

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LawrenceSamuels 25/8/16 21:28

God bless them

Gentle Moon 25/8/16 21:29

peace for human mankind, no more wars, no more killings!

Jane smartnic 25/8/16 21:31

War is crime, wish them have better life conditions

John Smith 25/8/16 21:33

Children are innocent, they deserve to have a better life

yobro yobro 25/8/16 21:34

War brings nothing but pains and losses.

Deck Hero14 25/8/16 21:35

Love them but can't do any things to help them

Love Peace 25/8/16 21:36

Poor Syria and its people!

Only Solidar 25/8/16 21:39

the US, Russia or the UN...someone has to stop this war. This country needs peace and Syrian need a better life.

Pack Cassiopian 25/8/16 21:41

Syrian children don't have any basic rights, they're trying to live as long as they can.

MaskOf Zero 25/8/16 21:42

Hope this war end as soon as possible

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