History cannot and should not be distorted


There have been a number of articles on social networks distorting the historical significance of and making up some details of the August Revolution of the Vietnamese people. Everyone knows that the authors of the articles are the ones who have been at odds with the Vietnamese revolution and are trying to oppose the Party and State of the Vietnamese people and support the so-called “democratic society.”
In fact, their arguments and tricks are not new. They frequently make up stories, speak ill of the Party and State, and distort Vietnam’s history for bad purposes when the Vietnamese people celebrate the August Revolution and National Day.
Nguyen Dinh Cong, who works as an expert on steel rod concrete, is one of several people with hostile views.
It is not very difficult for one to know that so-called “proofs” cited in his articles are collected from online unorthodox sources or heard from unbelievable people, rather than from any scientific research projects. This makes people believe that he has never spent time seriously studying Vietnam’s history. As a result, what he writes is not convincing and logical unlike his scientific reports on steel rod concrete. 
For instance, he writes: “The August Revolution was in fact a deprivation of the Tran Trong Kim Government,” and “The obtainment of power was so easy as the Vietnamese revolutionary people did not have to fight French colonialists and Japanese fascists.” His arguments are really irrational and subjective. This is the approach some unknowledgeable authors often use to cheat readers.
Those who are historical witnesses or have sufficient knowledge of Vietnam’s people know that tense of thousands of fully armed Japanese troops were still in the saddle and ready to fire at any opposed forces, not to mention thousands of the Chiang, British and French troops under the banner of the Allies who attempted to enter Vietnam to disarm Japanese fascists. In this circumstance, the government composed of pro-Japanese people and led by Tran Trong Kim swiftly set up by the Japanese had no real power, no credibility and no trust among the Vietnamese people. How can such a government win power from foreign forces, and bring real independence, prosperity and happiness to the nation.
Meanwhile, the Communist Party of Vietnam led by Ho Chi Minh had by that time gathered nationwide working people, intellectuals and nationalist businesses round. The Party with its clear political credo led the Vietnamese people to wage the struggle against foreign colonialists and fascists for national independence and freedom. When the Party saw the golden opportunity created by worldwide national liberation and revolutionary movements, it smartly led the nation to carry out a revolution, the great August Revolution, turning the one-hundred-year lasting colony of An Nam (old name of Vietnam) into the first ever independent and sovereign state of Vietnam.
While the August Revolution broke down the chain and yoke imposed by domestic fuedalists and foreign colonialists and fascists on the Vietnamese people, and brought power and freedom to the nation, the National Day (September 2, 1945) gave birth to an independent State of Vietnam, a State of the people, mastered by the people and for the people for the first time in its four-thousand-year history.  
The truth is not very difficult to find and understand. Why have not such people like Cong known that knowledge?

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John Smith 28/8/16 11:22

The revolution’s great victory helped people, formerly slaves, liberate themselves to become the owner of the country, and break the chains of slavery under the colonialism and feudalism to establish the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the first state for farmers and workers in Southeast Asia, marking the dawn of a new era of national independence and socialism.

Gentle Moon 28/8/16 11:24

The great victory of the 1945 August Revolution was also a tremendous victory for the Vietnamese will, bravery, and wisdom.

LawrenceSamuels 28/8/16 11:25

has become the nation’s greatest strength, and helped it overcome many difficulties and obstacles on the path of national construction and defence.

Jane smartnic 28/8/16 11:26

The 1945 August Revolution’s success was the wise and ingenious leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and its great founder and trainer, President Ho Chi Minh.

yobro yobro 28/8/16 11:28

With its clear vision for establishing and persisting in the goal of national liberation, solid preparations for the uprising, and creating and seizing the opportunity for revolution, the Party’s leadership set an example for the ‘art’ of revolutionary war.

Love Peace 28/8/16 11:29

The great success and valuable historical lessons learnt from the August Revolution were the source of the people’s and army’s victories.

MaskOf Zero 28/8/16 11:30

The spirit of the August Revolution has now been brought to the forefront in the battle against poverty, backwardness and slow development.

Only Solidar 28/8/16 11:31

71 years have passed, valuable lessons learnt about seizing opportunities and promoting the strength of the national unity bloc at the August Revolution remain unchanged for the cause of national protection and construction nowadays.

Pack Cassiopian 28/8/16 11:32

After 30 years of reform, along with great achievements, the country is facing huge challenges, and shortcomings need to be promptly addressed to help the country develop in a fast and sustainable manner.

Deck Hero14 28/8/16 11:35

the hostile forces should stop distorting activities to Vietnam because it is unreliable.

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