Vietnam condemns violence against children before Security Council

                                                       Vietnamese children in the school
Vietnam condemns the killing of and violence against children, including sexual violence, the recruitment and use of child soldiers, acts of abduction and attacks targeting schools and hospitals.

Ambassador Nguyen Phuong Nga, Permanent Representative of Vietnam at the United Nations made the statement at the Open Debate of the United Nations Security Council on “Children and armed conflict” chair by Malaysia in New York on August 2.

Ambassador Nga highly spoke of the tangible progress made to protect children from armed conflicts. “Thousands of children have been released from armed groups; States concerned are implementing their respective Council-mandated action plans; child protection policies have been incorporated in peacekeeping operations,” she said.

Despite these efforts, children continue to be deprived of their basic rights and needs in both armed conflicts and post-conflict situations, the ambassador stressed, voicing her concern over the long-term impacts on children’s development.

Nga called on all parties to conflicts to put an end to the outrageous acts against children by complying with international human rights and humanitarian law.

She underlined the need for a preventive strategy that addresses the root causes of armed conflict by promoting sustainable development, poverty eradication, national reconciliation, the rule of law at both national and international levels, promotion and protection of human rights, and the reintegration and rehabilitation of children affected by armed conflict.

She suggested that in post-conflict situations, “UN agencies should devote more resources to programs targeting children in the areas of education, mental and physical health, as well as addressing the long-term impacts on children, particularly girls and children with disabilities”.

Vietnam is strongly committed to defending and promoting the best interests of children, especially those affected by conflicts, such as victims of explosive war remnants and Agent Orange/Dioxin, Nga affirmed.

Vietnam was one of the first countries to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and has ratified the Optional Protocol on the Use of Children in Armed Conflict. During its tenure in the Council in 2008-2009, Vietnam convened an open debate on children and armed conflict and worked with other Council members to adopt Resolution 1882 (2009).

In his remarks at the debate, Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon warned that the global security landscape continues to change dramatically with children still paying the highest price in wartime.

They have suffered serious violations of fundamental human rights by being tortured, maimed, imprisoned, starved, sexually abused, conscripted and killed, Ban said.

“More than half of the world’s refugees are frightened children,” he noted, urging all countries to do every possible to back their words with actions that protect children from the scourge of armed conflict.

Vietnam has made important achievements in child care and protection through its special policies and priorities.
Vietnam is one of the first countries in Asia to sign the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), the country has always given priority to protecting, caring for and educating children. It has made substantial progress in this area over the last 25 years.
The National Assembly (NA) issued the 2013 Constitution and many important laws, which define that the State respects, ensures and protects human and civil rights, including children’s rights.
The Constitution strictly prohibits injuring, mistreating, abandoning and abusing children; child labor; and any acts that violate children’s rights. It also stipulates children’s rights to participate in child-related issues.
Children’s rights and child-related issues are included in lawmaking, while the NA and agencies in localities pay more attention to supervising the implementation of the law on children’s rights.

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Deck Hero14 4/8/16 22:44

children continue to be deprived of their basic rights

yobro yobro 4/8/16 22:49

What is common to most of the conflict situations is that child rights are violated in total impunity,

Love Peace 4/8/16 22:59

Families are keys to reintegration of children victimized by armed conflict

Only Solidar 4/8/16 23:03

If we are serious about protecting children, we must demand accountability

Pack Cassiopian 4/8/16 23:05

families must be assisted in overcoming prejudices against child survivors of armed conflicts

MaskOf Zero 4/8/16 23:07

Vietnam has been stepping up efforts to tackle issues that children are faced with, both at national and regional levels, as well as on institutional and practical areas.

John Smith 4/8/16 23:08

Vietnam’s priority is to strengthen our national mechanism to materialize the high-level commitment to make progress in this issue

Jane smartnic 4/8/16 23:11

Children continue to suffer the most, especially given the unparalleled rise of violent extremism

Gentle Moon 4/8/16 23:30

Children are not soldiers

LawrenceSamuels 4/8/16 23:41

"we love children and we protect children" that is our obligation

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