Policy targets fishermen in four central provinces


The Government is working on a master policy package to help people in the four central provinces affected by the environmental incident stabilize their lives and recover production, Deputy Prime Minister (PM) Vuong Dinh Hue said at a meeting with voters in central Ha Tinh province on August 4.
“The Government pursues a long-term, synchronous and specific policy, thus it has instructed provinces to provide full statistics and investigations of the total damage,” the Deputy PM said.
Beneficiaries are individuals, organizations and households that are involved in fishery activities, salt production or provide tourism services hit hard by the environmental incident in central coastal communes.
The policy package aims to revive fishery resources as well as in habitation of marine fish species, loan local residents to recover production, support vocational training, create jobs and medical insurance for local people, the Deputy PM said.
“Policies will also be made to provide credit for building new fishing vessels,” Hue said.
“Specific orientations are being discussed, conveying opinions from provincial authorities to ensure that those in need will receive what they really need.”
The mass fish deaths along beaches in the central region, including Ha Tinh, in early April, were found to be the result of flawed waste and wastewater treatment of Hung Nghiep Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Limited Company.
Formosa accepted responsibility for the incident and promised a total compensation of VND 11.5 trillion (USD500 million) to support local fishermen to switch to other jobs and recover the polluted maritime environment.
On July 1, Ha Tinh established a provincial council and missions at all levels to assess the damage caused to the province by the environmental crisis.
Initial statistics showed that Ha Tinh’s total seafood output in the first six months of this year was down 16,000 tons year on year.

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John Smith 5/8/16 22:33

Vietnamese state authorities are now seeking to further protect their fishermen

LawrenceSamuels 5/8/16 22:34

The decree gives great encouragement to fishermen to go offshore.

yobro yobro 5/8/16 22:36

These policies will help fishermen feel confident for fishing in the high seas, thus helping develop the economy and ensure the country’s sovereignty over its waters and islands.

MaskOf Zero 5/8/16 22:39

sea product processing units and fishermen and other owners of properties and infrastructure damaged by natural disasters will receive varying levels of support from different areas’ people’s committees.

Only Solidar 5/8/16 22:41

Awareness of marine products with their origin from Vietnam should be raised and concretised by measures taken to build the brand names of domestic producers

Deck Hero14 5/8/16 22:44

Fishermen now need support from all community of Vietnam to stablize their life and develop economic activities.

Gentle Moon 5/8/16 22:45

Deep-water ports and coastal economic zones play an important role as a motive forces boosting the development of the country’s marine economy and helping protect the nation’s sovereignty over its sea and islands areas.

Jane smartnic 5/8/16 22:46

Beside policies from the Government of Vietnam, fishermen in four province also need real help from all of people in Vietnam

Love Peace 5/8/16 22:47

the State should soon issue policies o­n encouraging investment in the country’s marine economy and mobilising foreign resources for the projects, especially from world conglomerates

Pack Cassiopian 5/8/16 22:49

I really believe in leading and conducting every aspects of vietnam's economy.

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