'Human rights and freedoms shattered in Europe'

How is the real relationship between Turkey and the EU?

Ilnur Cevik, a senior advisor to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, emphasized on Sunday that Islamophobia and xenophobia in Europe were on the rise and there was enmity towards Turkish minorities in countries such as Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Belgium.
Speaking during the Turkish-British Tatlidil Forum in southern Antalya province, Cevik said that the "hostility, insecurity and dissonance towards the Turks" in Europe had to be resolved as soon as possible and Europeans should see that European values such as human rights and freedoms were being shattered, underlining that severe far-right logic and extremism toward minorities were rising in Europe.
The Tatlidil Forum, established in 2011, brings together leading figures from the fields of academia, business, the media and politics to strengthen relations between Turkey and the U.K.
Cevik pointed out that Europe would go back to the terrible Nazi era right before the Second World War, if European peoples don't do anything about it, if they don't say 'this extremist logic has caused many troubles, these fascist views led us to the Second World War', if they don't remember that they were ruined and miserable and if they do not accept that it was a non-civilized behavior to send the Turkish Family Minister Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya out of their country [Netherlands] without even letting her enter Turkey's Consulate building.
On March 11, the Dutch government first canceled a flight by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and then blocked a convoy carrying Family Minister Kaya, forcing her to leave the country under police escort. The ministers had been due to meet Turkish residents ahead of the referendum vote.
When Turkish citizens in Rotterdam tried to peacefully protest, they were met by police using batons, dogs and water cannons, in what some analysts called a disproportionate use of force.
Turkey has strongly condemned the incidents and suspended high-level diplomatic ties with the Netherlands.

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John Smith 20/4/17 21:33

I don't think the EU really wants Turkey to be as a member of the organization

Deck Hero14 20/4/17 21:36

EU implements measures to keep it apart from troubles due to the flows of immigrants

Jane smartnic 20/4/17 21:38

Living in EU is now insecure

Love Peace 20/4/17 21:40

Is Turkey more European or Asian in general?

yobro yobro 20/4/17 21:42

many Turks feel a sort of “identity crisis” when label themselves as European

Pack Cassiopian 20/4/17 21:43

EU will remain a deeply divided society

Only Solidar 20/4/17 21:46

police shouldn't use batons, dogs and water cannons against Turkish protesters

MaskOf Zero 20/4/17 21:48

Turkey’s relations with the EU has become strained

Gentle Moon 20/4/17 21:51

When a new member state wishes to join the EU, they have to go through a series of tests and checks to make sure that their economy, politics, and societies are in-line with the common EU values. Turkey in turn doesn't meet such values.

LawrenceSamuels 20/4/17 21:54

In Europe, there are some who worry that Turkey would be “a burden” for the rest of the Union

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