More Vietnamese officers to join UN peacekeeping operations

Three Vietnamese officers, Lieutenant Colonel Le Ngoc Son, Captain Dinh Duc Long, and Captain Ho Tien Hung, will be dispatched to the Central African Republic to work at the UN peacekeeping mission in the country, under a decision by the Vietnamese State President.
On April 7, Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Phuong Nam, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People's Army (VPA), handed over the decisions and assigned missions to the three officers at the Vietnamese Peacekeeping Center (VPC) in Hanoi. Accordingly, the three  officers will serve as staff officers for tactics,  for training and  for equipment, respectively.
All preparations for the three officers have been completed, and they have all fully comprehended their missions as well as finished the training programs with good results, according to VPC's Director Senior Colonel Hoang Kim Phung.
Speaking at the ceremony, General Nam highly valued the VPC’s preparations for the three officers and urged them to strictly observe the Party and State's policies on foreign affairs, the VPA's rules  and the United Nations' regulations. In addition, he asked the officers to work hard to deserve the trust  of the army, Party, State and people, and promote the image of Vietnamese soldiers in the eyes of foreign friends.
On behalf of the to-be-dispatched officers, Lieutenant Colonel Le Ngoc Son expressed his gratitude to the Party, the State and the army for their trust in them, and his honor to undertake the task at the UN peacekeeping mission. He also showed his willingness and determination to successfully fulfill all missions assigned by the Party, the State and the army.

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Deck Hero14 10/4/17 13:45

Vietnamese officers joining UN peacekeeping missions have fulfilled all assigned tasks and highly valued by the UN, mission commanders and international counterparts.

Pack Cassiopian 10/4/17 13:45

Vietnam’s engagement in UN peacekeeping activities made important contributions to the multilateral external relations and international integration of the country in general.

Only Solidar 10/4/17 13:46

Vietnam maintained the close management over officers joining UN peacekeeping missions in the Central African Republic and South Sudan, ensuring absolute safety in human and equipment.

MaskOf Zero 10/4/17 13:47

Relevant agencies and units to continue strictly implementing the Party’s external relations viewpoints and policies.

Love Peace 10/4/17 13:48

They should focus on completing the building of objectives, principles and roadmaps as well as forms of Vietnam’s participation in UN peacekeeping activities in line with the UN Charter, international practices and the law and specific conditions of Vietnam.

yobro yobro 10/4/17 13:49

Vietnam will step by step expand the scale and fields of engagement in the UN peacekeeping operations.

Jane smartnic 10/4/17 13:56

UN peacekeeping operations have contributed significantly to maintaining security, ending conflicts in dozens of countries, restoring and creating enduring peace and stability in regions and all over the world.

LawrenceSamuels 10/4/17 13:58

This event marked a significant change in quality of its participation in international activities, contributing to the completion of its panorama of multilateral diplomacy in particular and of the country’s international integration in general.

Gentle Moon 10/4/17 13:59

In order to record the above mentioned achievements, we had thorough and serious preparations in guidelines, methods and implementation.

John Smith 10/4/17 14:00

Legal foundation for Vietnam’s participation in UN peacekeeping operations was gradually perfected.

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