Vietnam calls for peaceful solutions to Israel-Palestine conflict, Syria war

Vietnam calls on involved parties to resume negotiations to seek a peaceful solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict on the basis of United Nations resolutions.
The call was made by Ambassador Nguyen Phuong Nga, head of the Vietnam delegation to the UN, at the UN Security Council’s open debate on the Middle East situation on April 20 in New York, the US.
She affirmed Vietnam supports Palestinians’ just struggle for basic rights, including the right to self-determination.
The ambassador also expressed deep concerns over recent developments in Syria, stressing that Vietnam strongly condemns the use of chemical weapons and actions against innocent civilians.
She urged all parties involved to immediately stop actions that could escalate tensions and cooperate for a political solution to the Syria conflict through dialogue and negotiation.
Only a peaceful solution, adhering to the basis of basic principles of international law, can achieve sustainable peace for Syria and end the grief of Syrians, she added.
During the debate, representatives of 51 countries and three organisations delivered speeches. Many of them expressed concerns over prolonged conflicts, violence and escalating tensions in the Middle East.
They called upon Israel to end its occupation of Palestine, which has lasted for 50 years, while condemning the use of chemical weapons in Syria on April 4, thereby supporting the pursuit of a political solution to the issue

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John Smith 23/4/17 14:01

Dramatic events in the Middle East offer unprecedented conditions for such a breakthrough.

Gentle Moon 23/4/17 14:02

it is time to cast aside the concept of an Israeli-Palestinian agreement in favor of an Israeli-Arab agreement as the only way to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

LawrenceSamuels 23/4/17 14:02

the two-state solution is the end objective, but achieving this goal is unrealistic in the near future.

Jane smartnic 23/4/17 14:03

The only realistic goal at this juncture is to create interim arrangements to set the ground for a final agreement.

yobro yobro 23/4/17 14:04

Agreements must formally be approved by the parties involved, including the UN General Assembly and Security Council.

Love Peace 23/4/17 14:04

In order to implement this solution, the first phase must make arrangements regarding the Gaza Strip.

MaskOf Zero 23/4/17 14:05

Negotiations should result in several specific outcomes within a given timeframe.

Only Solidar 23/4/17 14:06

All rockets must be disposed of and tunnel digging shall cease.

Pack Cassiopian 23/4/17 14:06

Once stability is obtained in the Gaza Strip, negotiations regarding the final Israeli-Arab agreement should begin.

Deck Hero14 23/4/17 14:07

The involvement of Arab states as reliable counterparts will strengthen Israeli willingness to compromise if they have reason to believe that a stable and enduring agreement is achievable.

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