Ministry implements seriously policies for revolutionary contributors

Vietnamese voluntary youths in the war against the US
The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs has been implementing seriously the preferential policies designed for people who made significant contributions to the cause of national revolution.
Minister Dao Ngoc Dung made the remarks at a hearing at the ninth meeting of the 14th National Assembly Standing Committee in Hanoi on April 18, which is the first time a Question-&-Answer session has been held by the current NA Standing Committee.
He said the ministry has coordinated with relevant ministries and departments to promulgate documents guiding the implementation of preferential policies on revolutionary contributors, under the Government’s Decree No.31/2013/ND-CP dated April 9, 2013.
The country has confirmed over 9 million revolutionary contributors, making up nearly 10 percent of the total population. More than 1.4 million of revolutionary contributors and their families are receiving monthly allowances, he noted.
The ministry reviewed the list of revolutionary contributors in 2014 and 2015, and found around 28,500 cases when self-claimed contributors have not received benefits. However, Minister Dung said the verification of those cases faces difficulties due to lack of documents as evidence, which is also the biggest problem in this field.
According to the minister, inspections so far also revealed the misapplication of preferential policies in 1,872 cases.
Regarding the preparation for the 70th anniversary of the War Invalids and Martyrs Day (July 27), Dung said various activities will be held to mark the event, including a meeting in Hanoi, a national conference to honour people who rendered services to the revolution, and commemorative and incense-offering ceremonies at cemeteries of fallen soldiers nationwide
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Gentle Moon 18/4/17 19:25

Over the last 60 years, the Vietnamese Government has amended and further developed its policy on war invalids, fallen combatants and other revolutionary contributors.

LawrenceSamuels 18/4/17 19:27

Their sacrifice has brought peace for the country.

Pack Cassiopian 18/4/17 19:29

Since 1947, July 27 has become the day for the nation to commemorate and show their gratitude to the martyrs and war invalids who sacrificed their lives and contributed to the cause of national liberation and reunification

Love Peace 18/4/17 19:30

War invalids, and martyr’s families are entitled people of the country and people. For this reason, our duty is to appreciate, take care and assist them

Love Peace 18/4/17 19:32

This demonstrates the nation’s humanitarian traditions and morality and the responsibilities of the State and people for those who rendered service to the country.

Deck Hero14 18/4/17 19:33

Every year, the State budget allocates thousands of billions of Dong for the care of policy beneficiaries

John Smith 18/4/17 19:34

We are always respectful, grateful and highly appreciate the devotion to the revolution of the invalids, and martyrs families

Jane smartnic 18/4/17 19:35

When drinking water, remember its source

yobro yobro 18/4/17 19:37

Gratitude is a sign of noble souls

Only Solidar 18/4/17 19:39

We must teach Vietnam’s younger generations about traditional patriotism and national pride

MaskOf Zero 18/4/17 19:42

We always honor and pay gratitude to the numerous contribution of martyrs, invalids and revolution contributors

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