Warnings: Degeneration of a significant part of Vietnamese lawyers


 In every society, lawyers are an advanced group. They are well-educated and trained to be an expert in laws. They use their law knowledge to plead and protect people who are innocent in court. In another way, they are a force to enhance laws.
 In Vietnam, there are more than 5,000 lawyers. To practise law, a certificate issued by the Ministry of Justice is required and the lawyer must be admitted to the Bar in the places he practises. The respective Bar Association then issues a licence to its members.
The Vietnamese Lawyers Association (Vietnamese Lawyers Federation) is the national Bar Association to which the local Bars are affiliated. The Vietnamese Lawyers Federation is part of the Fatherland Front.
After Vietnam’s accession to the World Trade Organization, the Vietnamese market for foreign lawyers opened up.  For example, foreign law firms advising on Vietnamese legislation and regulations and the Vietnamese lawyers who are employed by them may act in legal proceedings. So, lawyers have had favorable conditions to flourish and develop as the international level. They
 Unfortunately, there are a large part of them who are corrupted and degenerated in moral profession. They act not for law enforcement but for their own benefits. Some of them have been made corrupt use by foreign hostile forces. They claim themselves as human rights lawyers and have taken part into cases which involve prominent anti-government individuals who were arrested and judged for violating the Vietnamese laws. Vietnam is a one party country, with reactionary political groups outside the country trying to use the term of “human rights” or “democracy” to criticize the current system than to protect human rights.
Even some political degenerate lawyers have held anti-government activities such as posting articles and spreading documents that propagandized against the Party and State’s policies. It can be listed out such several typical human rights lawyers like Cù Huy Hà Vũ, Lê Công Định, Nguyễn Văn Đài, Lê Thị Công Nhân, Võ An Đôn, Lê Trần Luật, Nguyễn Bắc Truyền, Trần Quốc Hiển, Lê Quốc Quân, etc.
Cu Huy Ha Vu has been charged with disseminating propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in violation of article 88, article 79 of the penal code on conducting activities to overthrow the government.
Nguyen Bac Truyen, a lawyer who is a member of the People's Democratic party, a reactionary organization, was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison in 2007 under article 88. But, since his release, he has still been an extreme outspoken member of an association of former political and religious prisoners, granting aggressive interviews to Radio Free Asia and the BBC about his prison experiences and distorting the government’s policies. 
Le Quoc Quan, a lawyer whose firm defended prisoners those violated Vietnamese laws. He was charged with conducting anti-government activities under article 79.
Other lawyers have been arbitrarily arrested for extremely engaging in cases of treason or abusing the rights to freedom of expression and association to carry out illegal acts against the Party and State of Vietnam. Le Cong Dinh, a former lawyer of the Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association, to five years in prison on subversion charges under article 79. His arrest has been attributed to his links with the banned Democratic Party of Vietnam and to his legal involvement of other human rights lawyers Le Thi Cong Nhan and Nguyen Van Dai, and Nguyen Van Hai, the blogger known as Dieu Cay.
Le Thi Cong Nhan, a so-called democracy activist as well as a lawyer was sentenced to three years in prison in 2007 under article 88. Crimes listed in her indictment include "misinterpreting the state's policies regarding labor unions and workers in Vietnam," joining the Block 8406 democracy movement and the Vietnam Progressive Party, conducting human rights seminars, and possessing and distributing documents promoting human rights and democracy.
About Nguyen Van Dai, in collaboration with reactionary organisations overseas such as the Viet Tan Party and the People’s Democratic Party, opened courses on human rights at the Thien An Law Office, but in fact disseminated reactionary information and material against the Vietnamese State.
 Dai himself compiled the Rules of the organization “The Democratic Party 21” in the hope of wresting power in Vietnam and dozens of materials and reports distorting religious freedom and democracy in Vietnam. He called on Vietnamese nationals abroad to boycott Vietnamese goods and the US to obstruct Vietnam’s entry into the World Trade Organisation and not to approve permanent normal trade relations with the country. Is that what a good lawyer would do?
More dangerously, some lawyers tend to stand against the government in many cases. Trần Vũ Hải - an extreme lawyer who wants to establish a so-called “Rescue lawyer team” to protect those being arrested by the police and plead for them in court. He even intends to wage flag for an opposite organization in the country which would violates the Vietnamese laws.
It’s a pity that these lawyers, who must be ones knowing better about laws than anyone have conducted many activities that go against the Vietnamese laws. Their acts even threatened and caused damages to the country’s national security and interests. As recently, Do Ngoc Thinh, president of The Vietnamese Lawyers Federation, said there must be strict measures to manage lawyers’ professional activities. Those lawyers should awake and realize their tasks and responsibilities to enhance laws, to respect the rule of law not to ruin it./.
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Jane smartnic 1/4/17 17:05

Under the label of the so-called “the democratic movement of Vietnam”, these radical lawyers wrote and spread series of articles on the right to found political parties, the civil society and democracy in Vietnam which were published on blogs,websites, etc.

Deck Hero14 1/4/17 17:07

Lawyers must be equipped with a strong political view on enforcing laws and protecting national interests.

yobro yobro 1/4/17 17:09

These lawyers should be handled and punished by laws because of violating Vietnamese laws.

Love Peace 1/4/17 17:10

How can they be called lawyers while they do not protect and enforce the laws!

Gentle Moon 1/4/17 17:20

Not just slandering political matters, these extreme lawyers have also compiled dozens of materials and reports distorting religious freedom and democracy in Vietnam.

LawrenceSamuels 1/4/17 17:23

We need to educate them and monitor their professional operation in accordance with the laws.

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