Michelle Yeoh joins a flashmob to promote road safety awareness in Vietnam

Hollywood star Michelle Yeoh joined over 1,500 Vietnamese students in a flashmob dance at the community event, "Safe Steps – Road Safety", in Vietnam at the Youth Cultural House in Ho Chi Minh City on April 9.
Michelle Yeoh, currently the Global Road Safety Ambassador for the UN Decade for Road Safety 2011-2020, and spokesperson for the new FIA High Level Panel for Road Safety, arrived in Vietnam Sunday to launch the pan-Asian public service initiative on promoting public awareness on road safety.
She joined representatives from local authorities, two Vietnamese Safe Step Ambassadors, MC Nguyen Khang and supermodel Ha Anh, and thousands of university students in various activities under the campaign in Vietnam.
Michelle Yeoh attracted a lot of fans at the event because of her friendliness. Nguyen Khang said that working with her was very interesting as she was always friendly and enthusiastic in all her activities to convey her great inspiration for the event. The programme also featured former Vietnamese Tourism Ambassador, Ly Nha Ky.
Speaking at the event, the 55-year-old actress said that the widespread dissemination and education of basic knowledge on traffic safety and raising community awareness was a necessity, contributing to reducing the number of traffic accidents and saving lives.
The coordination among private enterprises, governments, NGOs and communities is always key to developing traffic safety initiatives that save lives of many people. Safe Steps is a typical example of multilateral cooperation that has played an important part in the successful implementation of the UN’s sustainable development goals, she stressed.
Also at the event, Dr Khuat Viet Hung, Vice-Chairman of the National Traffic Safety Committee, said that the Party and State of Vietnam pledged to implement synchronous solutions to ensure road safety, while highly appreciating cooperation and contribution of local and foreign individuals and organisations for the purpose of traffic safety for Vietnamese people.
He believes that activities of Safe Steps programme, which will be implemented in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, would contribute to the implementation of the 2017 Traffic Safety Year’s theme of "Building a Transport Culture for Youth" across the nation.
As the first community project launched in Asia, Safe Steps aims to raise awareness on the causes of traffic accidents, provide educational information about such causes and offer posters and information guides for community activities and related partners during the project implementation to convey messages on road safety, thus encouraging the youth to practise traffic safety measures.
Following are photos that captured Safe Steps programme activities, featuring Global Road Safety Ambassador, Michelle Yeoh, in Vietnam:

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MaskOf Zero 13/4/17 16:10

More than 21 600 people are killed in road traffic crashes in Viet Nam every year. Motorcyclists account for the highest proportion of these fatalities.

Only Solidar 13/4/17 16:11

The overall goal of the road safety project in Viet Nam is to help the Government of Viet Nam prevent death and serious injuries on its roads by preventing drink–driving and promoting quality helmets for motorcycle drivers and passengers.

Pack Cassiopian 13/4/17 16:12

Motorcycle helmet-wearing rates have remained above 90% since the introduction of the motorcycle helmet law in 2008.

Deck Hero14 13/4/17 16:12

Since 2007, with the technical support of WHO, the Government of Viet Nam has focused on continuously improving its laws and regulations to promote helmet wearing for motorcyclists and prevent drink–driving.

Love Peace 13/4/17 16:13

Media reporting on road safety is an important mechanism for raising awareness among the general public and promoting specific policy changes by policy-makers.

John Smith 13/4/17 16:15

These traumatic events cause immeasurable suffering and grief, and at times economic hardship for families and friends. In addition, they cost societies precious resources, diverting these from other pressing health and development challenges.

Gentle Moon 13/4/17 16:16

The project aims at fostering public awareness of traffic safety and culture, environmental protection, and public manners for a better image of Vietnam.

LawrenceSamuels 13/4/17 16:17

This is a further attempt to call on people to strictly comply with traffic laws so as to minimize the number of accidents and fatalities.

Jane smartnic 13/4/17 16:19

We sometimes need to give ourselves slaps on the face.

yobro yobro 13/4/17 16:21

Moreover, in developing countries such as Vietnam, the mortality rate from road traffic accidents is rather high in comparison with other Southeast Asian countries.

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