Reactionary portraits: Lê Hiếu Đằng Club – An opportunist group under the name of a deserter


Recently, you may hear about Lê Hiếu Đằng Club, a group that has held many activities causing chaos and instabilities in the country. What is this club? And, who are members of this group? Let find down about them.
Firstly, we should get to know about Lê Hiếu Đằng (Le Hieu Dang), a man that the club is named by. Le Hieu Dang was born in 1944 in Quang Nam province. He was educated to be a lawyer in Ho Chi Minh city. His previous life was dedicated to the country’s revolutionary movements. Dang had held many positions in the revolutionary government as Deputy Secretary General of Vietnam’s Allied Central Committee of Peoples, Democracy and Peace Forces (1968-1977), former General Secretary of the Revolutionay People Committee of Sai Gon – Gia Dinh (1969-1975), former Vice president of the Fatherland Front Committee of Ho Chi Minh city (1989-2009). He was also a member of the 4th and 5th Ho Chi Minh Municipal People Council. Up to 2013 when he was expelled from the Communist Party of Vietnam, he had been a Party’s member for 45 years. He died at 70 years old on January 22th, 2014 in Ho Chi Minh city.
Sorrowly, at the last days of his life, his mind was poisoned by reactionary allegations from hostile forces at home and abroad, he swayed his ideology and politics. He declared to quit from the Party and called for establishment of a new party in Vietnam. But his ideas was not clear, and his supporters was not united enough to do that. Even, at that time some individuals along anti-State elements turn out to be skeptical about his political decision.
They thought his act of repudiating the Party and the State’s policies was not totally a courageous one. Le Hieu Dang refused the party while gravely ill in the hospital. He had reached the end of his life, and is no longer afraid of death. For this reason, seeing as how he did it very late in his life, with nothing left to lose, they considered his moves as lukewarm at best. Even some doubted his declaration of departure as a Communist ploy.
They said that Dang denounced the Party but didn’t exactly take personal responsibility for the ravages that the Party has put the country through. They suggested the man as a naïve guy joining the Party with the hopes of bringing liberty and independence to the country, and said he had continued to live in a position of power and privilege until his split with the Party in late 2013-early 2014. They were jealous that Dang’s whole life was lived under the auspices of the State’s wealth and power, though it was good that he did the right thing, eventually. Le Hieu Dang has passed away for nearly three years, I do not want to commend anything about his right or wrong doings. But just seeing how his fellows as “comrades” in anti-government movements judged him, we could know thoroughly about the man that now was named for a club of reactionary elements. He had enjoyed the Party’s and State’s welfares, the people’s interests, but he betrayed all and turn to be a traitor, but even his fellows did not accept him. Is a man like that great enough to be named for a club or a movement?
About the current club, members of this club are just radical and extreme individuals who want to take advantages of Le Hieu Dang’s fame to benefit themselves. They created the club after Dang’s death and have used it as a tool to get money from foreign hostile forces. The club has stood behind many anti-government activities like inciting people to protest against the Party and State; abusing sensitive issues as the South China Sea dispute, Formosa environmental disaster, land clearance, etc to distort and slander the government’s policies. Their acts have violated the Vietnamese laws and many members of this club have been judged for imprisonment. This club is a threat to the country’s security and even causing damages to the national interests. People should get to know more about the club’s essence to keep away from its illegal activties.
In 2017, this club has appointed a new presiding committee which consists of president Lê Thân; the honored president Huỳnh Kim Báu and other members of the committee including Lê Phú Khải, Ngô Kim Hoa, Võ Văn Thông, Kha Lương Ngãi, Huỳnh Ngọc Chênh, Tô Lê Sơn. People should be aware of this club and its extreme members to not to fall into their plots of opposing the Party and State./.
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Deck Hero14 6/4/17 18:12

Le Hieu Dang, a poor hallucinated old man, who had betrayed all his noble course at the last days of his life!

Pack Cassiopian 6/4/17 18:15

This club is established for some individuals' benefits not for any good things to the people and country.

Only Solidar 6/4/17 18:18

This group needs to be registered and monitered in accordance with the laws. They are just a reactionary group undermining the country's national interests.

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