WHO called to help Vietnam improve public healthcare

Vice Chairwoman of the National Assembly Tong Thi Phong has proposed the World Health Organization (WHO) closely work with the Vietnamese Government in curbing diseases and increasing quality of public health care.
She made the proposal at a reception for WHO Director-General Margaret Chan in Hanoi on April 10.
The legislator hoped the WHO would continue providing and updating health information in Vietnam as well as in the region and beyond, while supporting the country in improving capacity for health workers, especially at the grassroots level. 
She noted that the active assistance and cooperation of the WHO over the past few years have helped Vietnam gain significant accomplishments in improving public health care and realizing the UN millennium development goals.
Vietnam is particularly interested in developing health care network at the grassroots level, especially in disadvantaged and border areas, she said.
The Vietnamese legislature has promulgated a number of legal documents such as law on public health protection, law on HIV/AIDS prevention and law on communicable disease prevention, creating an effective legal corridor for public health care activities, she added.
The National Assembly has closely monitored the implementation of health policies of the Government, Health Ministry and relevant agencies to better public medical care in ethnic minority regions.
Phong also thanked the WHO for providing financial aid for Vietnam’s health sector and affirmed this source has been used effectively in the country.
For her part, Director-General Margaret Chan recognized the crucial role of the Vietnamese NA in building and promulgating important laws to reform the medical system.
She said the WHO is willing to help and share global experience with Vietnam in the field.
The Director-General suggested the Vietnamese Government push ahead with improving public health care and medical stations at district and commune levels, including training family doctors.
She also recommended building regulations on the operation of private health facilities under the management of the State.

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MaskOf Zero 12/4/17 08:20

Vietnam has made great strides in expanding social health insurance, now covering more than half of its population.

yobro yobro 12/4/17 08:21

Reforms, such as providing premium subsidies, greater family enrollment and introducing catastrophic cost coverage can help the country reach universal coverage.

LawrenceSamuels 12/4/17 08:24

The government should further increase coverage through premium subsidies, greater family enrollment and enforcement of enrollment compliance.

John Smith 12/4/17 08:24

Strengthening health financing arrangements by ensuring money is spent more effectively and efficiently on drugs, providers etc.

Gentle Moon 12/4/17 08:25

Vietnam is currently working to develop a universal healthcare system, which will cover all residents and provide them with basic healthcare.

Jane smartnic 12/4/17 08:27

Still, the improvement of the current healthcare service is an important part of the reforms previously mentioned.

Love Peace 12/4/17 08:29

Reforms are especially necessary in rural areas of Vietnam.

Only Solidar 12/4/17 08:30

You will not have too much of a hard time finding a doctor or a hospital if you live in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or any other big city in Vietnam.

Deck Hero14 12/4/17 08:31

While life in Vietnam is generally safe, there are various widespread infectious diseases and health threats.

Pack Cassiopian 12/4/17 08:33

HEalthcare services in Vietnam are much more improve and meet people's requirements in daily life.

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