Alert to the plot of defaming top leaders of the Party and State


Every time when the country holds important events, it has become common practice for oppositional factions to flood the community with false statements with the aim of defaming public figures in periods before, during and after significant political events.

The 12th National Party Congress is scheduled to take place tomorrow from 20th to 28th, January 2016. While the whole Party is promptly making preparations and people are joyfully longing for this significant political event, hostile forces are seeking to undermine the Party’s credibility. They have recently posted a number of articles with false and distorted information about big historical events and the Party on the Internet.

In their articles, they discuss “bad and false information” criticizing Vietnam’s leaders and speaking out against a government attack on a human rights award, such as negative evaluations of Vietnam’s leaders, reports on activities by an “anti-state organization”.

A prominent activity is distorting and slandering top leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party. Several of Vietnam’s top officials who are candidates for important positions of the next tenure have been accused of manipulation to win major votes, corruption and other offenses on several blogs and media sites. We can name some such as Chandungquyenluc, Quanlambao, Danlambao,...

This is a dangerous plot with the aim of undermining the people’s trust in the Party, sabotaging political stability in the country, and breaking the great national unity, the Party’s internal unity and unity between the Army and Police. In general, their actions are aimed at denying Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts and attacking the Communist Party of Vietnam’s platform and guidelines of renewal in the building of socialism. They attempt to distort and slander the Vietnamese Party’s guidelines and the State’s policies and laws, smear our revolutionary past and distort history in order to sow internal division within the Party and split the Party from the State, isolate and keep the armed forces apolitical, incite some credulous intellectuals, writers, artists and students, and some dissatisfied people who had participated in the revolution; and sow division between religions, ethnic groups and people from the northern and southern parts of Vietnam in order to smash the great national unity.

However, when reading their articles people can easily notice that their arguments are weak, and their so-called “facts” are all fake and distorted information. People can also realize that the authors are all reactionaries with a deep hatred of the Party, State and Vietnamese revolution, who desperately use any malicious trick and insidious scheme to deny the Party’s leadership and sabotage the close relationship between the Party and the people, and the great national unity.

The Communist Party of Vietnam is the pioneering force of the Vietnamese proletariat class. It was founded out of  logical necessity, representing the interests, will and desire of not only the Vietnamese proletariat class but also all the Vietnamese people and nation. Since its foundation, the Party has always heightened the nature of the proletariat class, focused on building a comprehensively strong and clean Party in terms of organization, politics and ideology, and continuously improved its ability of leadership in order to deserve the trust of the Vietnamese people and its position as the single leader of the Vietnamese revolution. While leading the nation, the Party has applied Marxism and Leninism in a creative manner. It has also applied Ho Chi Minh’s Thoughts, grasped necessities and current trends and absorbed the human quintessence to craft the political credo and proper directions and guidelines, reflecting the desire and interests of the people.
In response, The official website of the 12th National Party Congress of the Communist Party of Viet Nam, slated for early 2016, was launched on September 14. The website aims to encourage the entire party, the people and the army to successfully implement resolutions of the all-level party congresses and the 12th National Party Congress for 2016-2021 tenure. Meanwhile, it is also intended to improve the awareness of party members and the community's awareness of the significance of the 12th National Party Congress as well as viewpoints, guidelines and orientations stated in resolutions of the all-level party congresses for 2016-2021 tenure, ultimately contributing to the success of the congresses and the realization of their resolutions.
        Competent agencies under the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Ministry of Public Security have been cooperating in an attempt to identify any suspects that distort and fabricate such information and thereby penalize them according to the law. The act of taking advantage of the Internet and social networks to slander or humiliate others is not accepted legally and morally in any country. So, we advise people not to share any piece of information that has not been verified, and as Vietnamese people, inside or outside the country, should all celebrate the 12th National Party Congress./.
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Evans David 20/1/16 06:10

with developed information technology, it's very difficult to deceive any one by false information

Jack Walker 20/1/16 06:15

oppositional factions often exploit the weakness, limitations in the process of socio-economic development in Vietnam to against the Party and State

Thompson Catherine 22/1/16 05:44

not all information that anti-goverment forces have given is false, but majority are not true

Funny Day 22/1/16 05:52

it can say that distorting and slandering top leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party is alwways carried out by hostile forces

Elizabeth Green 22/1/16 06:00

to overthrow any regime, it's top leaders are always top targets that oppositional forces focus on acting against

Davis Caroline 22/1/16 06:04

they want to undermine the people’s trust in the regime, sabotaging political stability in the country.

Williams Melanie 22/1/16 06:09

it's unacceptable any regime have also both positive and negative side. I see in Vietnam, the people enjoy a peaceful and stable environment as well as a better life

LawrenceSamuels 23/1/16 09:41

Nowadays, in the peace time, apart from genuine journalists there are people who want to use their title as “journalist” to stand out of the national construction and defense.

Deck Hero14 23/1/16 09:42

Protecting Internet users from the influence of distorted information requires appropriate agencies to provide the correct information in a timely manner as well as to be collective in uploading the news on the Internet.

John Smith 23/1/16 09:44

Besides, making use of the patriotism of the people, especially when there is tension over the East Sea, some hostile individuals and groups both at home and abroad have triggered demonstration, caused public disorder and slandered our Party and State.

Only Solidar 23/1/16 09:52

People should be aware of these plot, don't be fooled and abused by these hostile forces.

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