Industrial development goes along with environmental protection


Kết quả hình ảnh cho Industrial development goes along with environmental protection

Almost provinces in Vietnam have industrial parks, industrial clusters and traditional craft villages, so the amount of waste has increased and diversified at all composition. Waste treatment becomes imperative but the local authorities are still confused in finding truly effective solutions.
Currently, we have had many laws on environmental protection, however, this system is still uncompleted and low stability. Meanwhile, the authorities do not have full recognization and due attention to environmental protection, leading to lax management. The environmental inspection of the authorities towards the manufacturing companies seems to be superficial. The propaganda and education on environmental protection in society are limited.
To prevent, overcome and solve environmental pollution, we need to perform some synchronization solutions: Complete the legal system of environmental protection, which must have sufficient sanctions to deter violators; trengthen inspection and environmental monitoring; focus on planning and avoid rampant, inconsistency; accelerate the propaganda and education on the environment in order to create social change and raising awareness, consciously abide by environmental law. Build awareness to preserve, protect ecological environment, make people aware of a self-conscious about the position, role and intimate relationship between nature - human - society.

The necessary thing now is the construction of waste treatment plants with large-scale and advanced technology. We should avoid temporary waste treatment. Along with that, it needs stronger participation of the government and unions at all levels to promote and mobilize people to raise consciousness.
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John Smith 21/1/16 07:34

In support of science, but why not do both. The environment should be respected not just protected. Technology is very important, but why do we need to hurt the earth with pollution and chemicals to improve our economic stability.

LawrenceSamuels 21/1/16 07:35

We can use aqua-farming and indoor growing station to increase the area of one plot of land and allow for more available growing space without destroying environmental habitats.

yobro yobro 21/1/16 07:39

Environment is why you are alive. If you cut all the trees for industrial development you will die too so why bother about technology when you are already dead. Air pollution water noise, do you really want to kill all the living things on this planet just that you can be rich, don't you have a heart?

MaskOf Zero 21/1/16 07:40

If you won't nourish a baby from birth,and force the baby to grow,without protecting it from harms,if you force him to grow,there will be a complete failure...Neither will the child grow,it will die from malnutrition ! So,first save the Earth,only then you will be able to carry on industrialization .

Only Solidar 21/1/16 07:43

Environmental protection more important than industrial development Environmental protection is more important than industrial development because if there is no environment then there is no plants, animals and human beings.

Deck Hero14 21/1/16 07:44

If we develop industrially, it might hurt our environment and if our home is destroyed, then what’s the point in being technologically advanced?

Gentle Moon 21/1/16 07:45

Environment before anything else Of course we would all want technology, however the environment is what we live in. The environment is something we can't rebuild whereas for the industrial development, if it collapse we can rebuild it.

Jane smartnic 21/1/16 07:45

No one wants to live in unhealthy environment, I'm pretty sure no one would want to live in risk of health problems.

Love Peace 21/1/16 07:46

Not more important than protecting the environment because the life of a human is very important. Without us none of this would of happened, you need people for more of this industrial development.

Pack Cassiopian 21/1/16 07:47

If all of us are dead, what will happen to the machines. . This is why we are more important and protecting the environment is more important

Anthony Jones 22/1/16 06:14

the whole world is worried about environmental pollution that is threatening to our earth

Jack Walker 22/1/16 06:19

the Vietnamese Goverment has attached importance to protect the environment, which has been shown in it's issueing and implementing many policies of economic development associated with environmental protection

Dennis White 22/1/16 06:21

I think we should raise the awareness of the people about the danger of environmental pollution that seriously affects their own life

erica black 22/1/16 06:24

we should have a proper strategy of environmental protection in long-term

Evans David 22/1/16 06:26

Building awareness to preserve, protect ecological environment, make people aware of a self-conscious about the position, role and intimate relationship between nature - human - society is the most important

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