Terrorism - a major threat to the US in 2016


Kết quả hình ảnh cho Terrorism - a major threat to the US in 2016

Terrorism will continue to be a major threat in the US in 2016, with the presence of forces "Islamic State" (IS) which is making global influence.
According to experts, the recent attacks in Paris (France) made 130 deaths have shown the fact that the IS has developed strong and capable of carrying out deadly attacks on Western countries. In the US, the most serious threat is not conducting the campaign against terrorism but rather preventing the spread of the ideology of radical Islam. The rhetoric of this organization has attracted many adherents worldwide. The attack in San Bernardino, USA in earlier December 2015, two attackers were believed to be affected by the IS.
Wayne White, former deputy director of the Middle East Intelligence Bureau of the US State Department, said with so many vulnerable targets, the US government as well as local authorities are facing difficulty to stop the wave of terrorism from "lone wolves" or the separate groups. In addition, the termination of the data collection program of the National Security Agency (NSA) in late October 2015 also slowed espionage.
Dan Mahaffee, an analyst from the Centre for Research for the President and the National Assembly, considered that the IS has a strong presence on social media networks, while the US and its allies have not had effective countermeasures. Colin P. Clarke, an expert at the RAND Institute for Strategic Studies, said that the current challenge is having no specific direction to eradicate Islamic extremism. Meanwhile, members of Brookings Darrell West Institution said anti-terrorism efforts of the US today is a synthesis of many instant reaction.

Terrorist and extremist Islamic elements have become top concerns of the American people after the bloody attacks in Paris and an attack in the state of California that made 14 victims killed. IS has also repeatedly threatened to attack the US. The worst nightmare of Washington is a repetition of the terrible event on September 11, 2001 making nearly 3,000 dead people.
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