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Over the past 30 years, in our development policy, along with the investment in building facilities to serve economic development, production, business, local authorities always give a budget to build the cultural institutions. State budget for cultural sector is constantly increasing in line with the economic development of the country in each period. As reported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the State budget to invest in the field of culture and information for 2006-2010 has been reached about 37.670 billion, increased 1.8 times over the previous 5 years (2001-2005). The proportion of investment from the State budget for this sector has gained from 1.9 to 2.1% of the total State budget expenditure. In terms of the budget must focus on investment for economic development, poverty alleviation, addressing the issues of social security, which the State has given priority to the cultural sector as such, is a remarkable attempt.
One of the prominent cultural achievements of our country after 30 years of renovation is that infrastructure, cultural institutions serving life, community and cultural activities of the country are constantly being added all in quantity. In the subsidized period, many places (especially the local mountains) had not amusement parks, cultural centers, but now, more than 5,000 communes, wards and towns of our country have cultural-sports centers; over 36,200 stadiums and football pitches managed by the commune level; 38,400 sport clubs at the grassroots level; 6,900 children's play areas; 17 316 public libraries; 98% of communes have post-cultural points. By the end of 2015, the area of radio coverage reached more than 96% of the territory and area of TV coverage reached more than 98% of the territory. Telecommunications and internet infrastructure has come to most mountainous, border, particularly difficult areas. If we have no cultural institution, we can not have joyful, abundant life and cultural activities. Therefore, the State concerned the construction of cultural institutions all over the country, from urban to rural, from the mountains to the border islands, helped creating a healthy cultural space to all classes of people.

Humanism in the cultural policy of the State of Vietnam is also reflected in the national target about culture with practical programs such as: Preventing historical degradation; preservation and promotion of intangible cultural values ​​of 54 ethnic groups living in the country of Vietnam; developing cultural and information establishments and improving cultural life for people in disadvantaged areas. Only budget for national program on cultural development in the 2012-2015 period was nearly 7,400 billion. With the motto "Giving priority for ethnic minorities", more mountainous, border and island areas have built cultural centers. Thanks to the policy of ethnic heritage, the cultural sector has supported conservation 54 traditional ceremonies of the minority; helped 23 hamlets and traditional villages with amount of 1.8 billion per village. This policy works well for so long aspirations of ethnic minorities.
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