Undeniable chievements after 30 years of “Doi moi”


Thirty years of Doi moi as an important historical stage in the development of our country, marked growth in all aspects of the Party, State and people. Overall, not only our people but also international friends also have to admit that, over 30 years of Doi moi, our country has made great achievements, historical significance on the road to building socialism and defend the socialist fatherland. For these achievements, the most noticeable thing and also the greatest achievement is economic growth. The country got out of economic and social crisis as well as underdeveloped status, became developing countries with average incomes. It is pushing industrialization, modernization and international integration now. Socialist-oriented market economy has been gradually formed and developed. People's lives are improved day by day. The truth is obvious, yet somehow it still has the evil information on social networks to predict  that “Vietnam's economy near to collapse” “drab economic Vietnam”, “sooner or later, Vietnam will have to leave the path of socialist-oriented market economy”...
With these people in Vietnam, if they saw life in the past, they all fell amazing shift. From status of chronic food shortages, Vietnam has a food surplus. Most of the roads are now add concrete and blacktop. New rural program has changed the face of rural areas. In urban centers, the "ghetto" buildings is now gone, replaced by the modern urban areas, luxury apartments. The highway are more and more stretched... Many new beautiful and modern projects are springed up more and more to adorn the country.

Although, overall and deep problems in the economy of Vietnam, it still has limitations and uncertainties. Party and State have also recognized this problem and given solutions for the weaknesses and shortcomings of Vietnam's economy. With those, identified impose subjective comments, unfounded and heavily ideological hostility of some people on the status of Vietnam's economy will inevitably be rejected by public and all Vietnamese people.
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John Smith 24/1/16 13:37

After 30 years of the Doi Moi reform, Vietnam has recorded significant achievements, emerging from a backward country with 90% of the population working in the agricultural sector to one of the most dynamic economies in Asia.

Gentle Moon 24/1/16 13:38

Growth in the past 30 years was much higher than the pre-Doi Moi level.

LawrenceSamuels 24/1/16 13:38

Reform efforts in the past 30 years have constantly improved the business climate, thereby attracting more investment for development.

Jane smartnic 24/1/16 13:39

Vietnam’s economic structure is shifting towards modernisation with a shrinking share of agriculture and an increasing contribution of services and industrial production.

yobro yobro 24/1/16 13:40

Vietnam now sees a wide range of economic sectors at play, in addition to State-owned enterprises.

Deck Hero14 24/1/16 13:40

Vietnamese goods have seen a gradual improvement in quality and have become more popular in both domestic and international markets.

Pack Cassiopian 24/1/16 13:41

he country has also focused on developing a number of new and advanced technologies.

Only Solidar 24/1/16 13:42

Under the leadership of the Communist Party, Vietnam has gradually fine-tuned the socialist-oriented market institutions as realised in various laws to create a legal framework for the economy to work effectively.

Love Peace 24/1/16 13:42

Over the past 30 years, Vietnam has amended the constitutions three times, as well as revising and promulgating more than 150 codes and laws and over 70 ordinances.

MaskOf Zero 24/1/16 13:43

The improvements of the socialist-oriented market economy and investment environment have helped raised Vietnam’s position in the international arena, creating an important premise for accelerating national industrialisation and modernisation and improving the quality of life.

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