The Europe closed the dark year of 2015


The threat of terrorism from Islamic State organizations (IS), migration crisis, meager economic growth, the threat from climate change, the European Union (EU) in the face of disintegrated possibility, the return of Russia in the international arena... The “old continent” has never faced so many crises, from security-political to economic problem. The Europe in 2015 seems like a play at but many contexts at once.
Admittedly, the Europe in 2015 immersed in the crisis. Right from the beginning of the year, terrorist attacks against Charlie Hebdo newspaper editorial office in Paris,the capital of France, signaled a turbulent year in the old continent. France once again lost in the last tragic terrorist attacks which was more bloody, more brutal than one in earlier year. Extreme sufferings of France is shared by the world and all commit to help France against terrorism.
While the "ulcer" named terrorism also causes "fever" on the body of the EU, massive refugee flows poured into Europe and threatened freedom of movement principle – the core value of EU. Although European countries agreed to protect the border region and share the quotas to receive migrants but the countries still act by independent ways. The countries such as Germany, France, England, Italy well understood that receiving migrants means facing many challenges such as terrorist threats, lacking jobs for workers, diminished budget ... But with responsibility of big countries, the leading EU countries are ready to receive migrants. In contrast, the Balkans countries shut their borders and watch the flow of refugees frustrated about a European dream.
During the past year, the EU went from this nightmare to others, from terrorist attacks in France, crashed German aircraft in France, political tensions with Russia to the debt crisis in Greece and the crisis the largest refugee after the Second World War. At one time people wondered that whether the EU can exist anymore or not if Greece leaves European and the UK breakups the coalition and cancel Shengen Treaty. It ia the story in the West!
In the East, Russia under the rule of President V.Putin is rising strongly. Despite significant impacts from economic sanctions of the West and the sharp decline in oil prices over the past year but the country remains solid to overcome difficulties.
However, what makes it most interesting is the strong and impressive return in restoring Russian influence in the international arena. Beside contributing to achieve the nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5 + 1 group in September 2015, President V. Putin decided to conduct airstrikes aiming at IS on Syrian territory.  “Sharing fire” action with France by Russia in combating IS means that Russia and Europe are closer together. EU no longer considers Russia as “the threat of Europe” or regards the fact of resolving the crisis in the Ukraine as the first task again. This important change has reduced tension between the two sides since the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine.
But that does not mean that there ia no disagreement between Russia and the EU. Although agreement on coalition building against terrorism, but the two leaders still disagree about the political situation in Syria. The Crimea peninsula merged into Russia in 2014 is still the subject of dispute between Russia and the EU in 2016 and more or less influence EU policy towards Moscow.
The year of 2015 closed but the challenges of terrorist threats, climate change, economic downturn are still weighing on the role of the European leaders in the next year. To address the "chronic diseases" that requires a comprehensive solution with the hands, the effort of the whole community. If Europe does not take measures to strictly control immigration status, in coming time the unemployment, poverty will spread in Europe while the terrorist attacks will also increase.

"Justice, Climate, Peace" was the slogan that Paris people use to celebrate when the Paris agreement on climate change adopted. It probably also is the message to the European community in particular and the world in general on the occasion of New Year.
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John Smith 14/1/16 07:46

European valuations are starting to look reasonably full, trading near long-term averages.

Gentle Moon 14/1/16 07:48

Britain’s attempts to renegotiate the terms of its membership of the European Union were incompatible with the “common responsibility” of member states.

LawrenceSamuels 14/1/16 07:48

There is nothing new about the notion that the ideal of “ever closer union among the peoples of Europe,” enshrined in the 1957 Treaty of Rome, can be achieved at different speeds. I

Jane smartnic 14/1/16 07:51

At the cusp of the new year, we face a world in which geopolitical and geo-economic risks are multiplying.

yobro yobro 14/1/16 07:52

Yet it is Europe that may turn out to be the ground zero of geopolitics in 2016.

Love Peace 14/1/16 07:53

a Greek exit from the eurozone may have been only postponed, not prevented, as pension and other structural reforms put the country on a collision course with its European creditors.

MaskOf Zero 14/1/16 07:54

“Grexit,” in turn, could be the beginning of the end of the monetary union, as investors would wonder which member – possibly even a core country (for example, Finland) – will be the next to leave.

Only Solidar 14/1/16 07:55

As for terrorism, the sheer number of homegrown jihadists means that the question for Europe is not whether another attack will occur, but when and where.

Pack Cassiopian 14/1/16 07:56

repeated attacks could sharply reduce business and consumer confidence and stall Europe’s fragile economic recovery.

Deck Hero14 14/1/16 07:57

Those who argue that the migration crisis also poses an existential threat to Europe are right. But the issue is not the million newcomers entering Europe in 2015.

Dennis White 15/1/16 06:25

our world has been threatening by the IS that is a brutal terrorist organization

erica black 15/1/16 06:27

nowaday the EU is not peaceful and safety like before

Evans David 15/1/16 06:28

the EU has been facing many challenges such as terrorist threats, climate change, economic downturn

Thompson Catherine 15/1/16 06:30

I think Europe should take measures to strictly control immigration status

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