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On January 20, 2016, the 12th Congress of National Party officially opened in Hanoi. The whole Party and people are waiting for this important political event because the decisions in the Congress reflects people's wishes, affecting the development of the country and the nation on the path of innovation, integration, development.
26 million comments on the draft documents of the 12th Congress of the Party has shown a special interest of the strata for the serious work of the Party. Subcommittee for instrument has a maximum absorbing the justifiable, reasonable comments, which are theoretically and practically suitable.
People expect this Congress to have the right and innovated decisions to create powerful breakthrough in the context of the renovation went through the journey of 30 years (1986-2016), how to make the country developed rapidly and more sustainably. Some research proposals selected breakthrough strategies, which focus on breakthroughs in institutions (political system, the rule of law and the legal system). It is very necessary to have "rules" to control power and ensuring that power belongs to the people.
Mr. Vu Mao, who participated in the fifth Central Committee, said that after 30 years of reform, people's living standards greatly improved, the position of Vietnam in the international arena is improving ... but the lessons of Our Party is "not to be conceited in victory and discourage by failure." With the strong innovation from the Sixth Congress, we need to draw the lessons for today.
Prof. Dinh Xuan Dung claimed that the regulations on the leadership of the Party and State's management is increasingly more visible. Although the principles and viewpoints that “people own all” are confirmed in practice, actually it has not been fully implemented, we still do not have strong enough sanctions for people. Therefore, to continue 30 years of renovation, the comprehensive, integrated and fully process of innovation in the coming time, it must continue to think further in terms of reasoning and especially in practical directing to make the overall mechanism “The Party directs, State manages and the people are owner” become endogenous strength of the political system, contributing directly to the sustainable development of country in new period.

The twelfth Congress of our Party is expected to usher in a fundamental breakthrough for the country and nation especially when the Party and people's hearts making a general peace. The documents and resolutions submitted to the Congress are the crystallization of wisdom, will and feelings of the entire Party, army and people. We have the certainty of the 12th Congress of the Party will be successful.
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