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Kết quả hình ảnh cho against ISAfter the bloody attacks in France, USA, Turkey, Russia, Libya, Syria ... specter of terrorism-related organization calling itself the Islamic State (IS) has been covering up the Southeast Asian region as the most recent attack took place in the streets of Jakarta.

Indonesian officials said there is much evidence of a link between suicide bombings and shootings happened on the first day of January with IS. Thus, apart from the Middle East, Europe or the Americas, horror hand of extremism has reached out to many other areas of the world. The people of Indonesia and neighboring countries undoubtedly have a deep sense of the dangers of extremism when witnessed the duel in the middle of Jakarta with the bloody corpse lying at crowed streets. It can not speak for the country with hundreds of millions of Indonesian Muslims so they should bear this human suffering, by the majority of Muslims in Indonesia still love peace and the political parties toward radical Islam have no confidence by the majority of citizens.
With what has happened, the task of combating IS is no longer a matter of the US, France, Russia or some other country that is the story of the world, including countries that IS hand has not really sticked out. Anti-extremist Islamism in particular, and counter-terrorism, anti-extremist organizations in generally no longer relates only to countries with the Muslim community and the directly relevant powers because extremists and bad guys are in everywhere. The world can not bow to terrorism, the good majority can not be subdued by a group of extremists. But in the fight against IS, the world community and the countries at the forefront still hold their own views, even possible separate attempts to serve the private interests. This is the reason why an organization that includes several groups of people with the extravagant action, inhumane, to go against the norm values ​​that mankind has come together to build, still the land to survive.

Therefore, unity of nations, peoples and religions in the world for the common anti-terrorism, extremism is an urgent requirement.
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