Millions hearts, one belief

The entire Vietnamese people and soldiers are watching closely to an important event of the country, the 12th National Party Congress, which was officially launched on January 21st and themed "Promoting the building of a pure and strong Party, while putting into play the strength of the entire nation and socialist democracy, stepping up reform comprehensively and synchronously, firmly safeguarding the Fatherland and maintaining a peaceful and stable environment, and striving to turn Vietnam into a modernity-oriented industrialized country". A total of 1,510 delegates representing more than 4.5 million Party members attended the event which lasts till January 28. Millions hearts of Vietnamese people are confident with the expectation of the success of the Congress.
In the early ages, the Party’s revolution had faced a lot of difficulties. But with the right policies and creativity, the Party’s decisions had been the lights that led and enflamed the people’s belief to make the Xo Viet Nghe Tinh movement. And by this belief, fifteen years later, the Party had led the people to make the Great August revolution; and then, the Dien Bien Phu victory which ended the long and tough war against the French colonialism. At the age of 45, the Party had waved the revolutionary flag with the power of the country and the time, making the victory on the April 30th 1975 that liberated entirely the country. Through the revolutionary struggle, the belief is demonstrated to be the root of the national unification bloc’s power, leading our country to the victory against all the enemies under the leadership of the Party.
The Doi Moi (renewal) process, which was started and led by the Party, has faced with a lot of difficulties. After the liberation, the economy of the country started to develop from very low point and was also very fragmented and out of date; the cultural and spiritual life of the people were inadequate. However, in this hard time, the people’s trust in the Party even more intense. Despite the difficulties and challenges, the Party has remained steadfast in the objectives and ideals through the system of the right leadership policies. After 30 year of Doi Moi, our country has gained a lot of important social-economic achievements; the politics was stable; the national defense and security has been fortified; the national unification has been strengthened; the international integration has been widened... These achievements have demonstrated that the Party’s Doi Moi policies are right and creative.
The 12th Party National Congress is launching in the complicated international context. The hostile forces exploit the development of the international information network, especially the social network and shortcomings of some Party’s members and organizations to criticize the Party, to distort the truth to undermine the Party’s prestige. Thus these actions cannot change the people’s belief in the Party.
During these days, millions of hearts of Vietnamese people are very confident that the 12th National Congress will be successful, opening a new page of the trust between the Party and the people, between Vietnam and international friends. The 12th National Party Congress with the mixture of opportunities and challenges will open a new period in building and strengthening trust, ensuring the stable development, the wealthy people, the strong country, the democracy, the fairness and the civilization./.
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