Be alert to hostile forces’ tricks to manipulate information and photos


Recently, some websites spread distorted information and old photos of unknown origin with the aim of blackening the Vietnam People’s Army and the Vietnam People’s Police in both wartime and peacetime.
Everyone knows, domestic reactionary and overseas hostile forces have for a long time been attempting to depoliticize Vietnamese armed forces, and this is part of their “peaceful evolution” scheme. In doing so, they irrationally criticize the leadership of the Party over the armed forces, claiming that armed forces, especially military, should be depoliticized to “promote its professionalism.”
To identify the dirty plot of their “peaceful evolution” scheme, people should refer to what happened to the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries in late 1980s and early 1990s. It is evident, the collapse of the former Soviet Union and elsewhere in Eastern Europe originated from the communist party’s lost leadership over the army in particular and armed forces in general, in these countries. The Red Army of the former Soviet Union with its heroic and proud traditions was completely neutralized because they were trapped by anti-revolutionary forces’ scheme of depoliticizing the armed forces. 
In Vietnam, right after the war in 1975, reactionary and hostile forces crafted the strategy “Winning without war.” Since then, they sought numerous ways to realize the strategy. In so doing, they target the Vietnam People’s Army and other components of the Vietnamese armed forces. They advocate for thoughts about an apolitical army and use every trick to speak ill of the Vietnam People’s Army and armed forces as a whole.
Aware of their malicious tricks and plots, Vietnam’s army and other armed forces always believe in the Party’s leadership and struggle against the wrong arguments of the reactionary and hostile forces.
The Vietnam People’s Army and the Vietnam People’s Police have experienced 70 years of building and development under the leadership of the Party in both wartime and peacetime. The two armed forces always serve as a sharp tool of the Party, State and people in protecting the country from foreign invaders, maintaining national peace, security and safety. The Vietnam People’s Army is an army, which belongs to the people, is made from the people and serves the people. This army fights for the people’s happiness, the goal of national independence and the ideal of socialism.
In today’s context, the armed forces and the Vietnam People’s Army in particular become more powerful. The Vietnam People’s Army is underway to a modern revolutionary army. The Vietnam People’s Army is continuously equipped with new weapons, thanks to the Party’s and State’s care. The Vietnam People’s Army is also regularly politically educated and militarily trained to become a regular, elite and gradually modernized army.
In response to reactionary and hostile forces’ malicious plots, tricks and activities with the aim of separating the Vietnam People’s Army and the Vietnam people’s Police from the leadership of the Party and the great national unity, the Party and State attach importance to build politically strong military and police forces. The political strength of the two forces is viewed as a firm foundation to improve their comprehensive power and fighting capacity.
Therefore, the Vietnam People’s Army in particular and Vietnam’s armed forces in general are absolutely loyal to the Party, State, people and socialism in any context. Over the past years, alongside the whole Party and people, the army and police have firmly protected national independence, sovereignty, unity and sovereignty over the country’s seas and islands. The two forces under the Party’s leadership have also maintained political security, social order and safety, defeated all plots and activities of domestic reactionaries and overseas hostile forces, prepared well for non-traditional security threats, and been ready for any contingencies. The achievements and victories obtained by the Vietnam People’s Army and Vietnam People’s Police over the past years have demonstrated that all plots and tricks of reactionary and hostile forces to politicize Vietnam’s armed forces have been bankrupted.
Nevertheless, reactionary and hostile forces will not easily accept failure and stop carrying out plots and activities against Vietnam. When they failed to argue for politicization of Vietnam’s armed forces, they utilize tricks to blacken the image and downgrade the credibility of the armed forces, particularly the Vietnam People’s Army and Vietnam People’s Police. To this end, they spread fake and false information about the Vietnam People’s Army and Vietnam People’s Police, distort their good traditions and speak ill of the noble virtues of Uncle Ho’s soldiers. One of their usual approaches is to cut-and-paste information, fabricate stories, reproduce or make up photos finely and then post on their websites and social networks to slander soldiers and policemen.
It should be noted that their uses of forums and social networks to spread fake, false and distorted information and photos with the aim of downgrade the credibility and honor of the Vietnam People’s Army and Vietnam People’s Police are illegal acts under the Vietnamese laws. What is more, such activities also affect the great national unity, the unity between people and armed forces and between the army and police.
Against this backdrop, the Party, people and armed forces should be active in fighting against plots and activities of reactionary and hostile forces. The whole Party, people and armed forces should always be alert and boycott websites, cyber addresses with poisonous information. People should have firm trust and confidence in the Party’s leadership and its goals and ideology, and should not believe in their stories and photos and spread them in all forms on the internet. To help people with good knowledge and understanding, Party committees, authorities, military units and organizations at all levels should enhance public education and information dissemination in various forms so that hostile forces cannot exploit a shortage of information and lack of knowledge, particularly in remote, mountainous and island areas to spread their fake and false information.
Additionally, all people should frequently study the Party’s resolutions and directions and the State’s policies to improve their political knowledge and awareness. When people have good knowledge of the domestic and international situation and well understand all policies, they can recognize every plot and trick of reactionary and hostile forces so they would refuse their information or even would struggle against wrong arguments of reactionary and hostile forces.

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yobro yobro 15/6/16 15:33

No matter what hostile forces say, practice is always the most accurate measure to test doctrines and guidelines set out by a political party.

Jane smartnic 15/6/16 15:33

Over the past years, the hostile forces and political opportunists have rabidly and repeatedly denied our uni-party regime.

LawrenceSamuels 15/6/16 15:35

The sabotage has been increasingly developed and changed in terms of tricks

Gentle Moon 15/6/16 15:36

Noticeably, addition to hostile forces and anti-communist extremists, recently there have also had an echo of discontented political opportunists and even a small number of cadres and party members exploited by them.

John Smith 15/6/16 15:37

In spite of efforts to hide, their unchangeable plot is to abolish the Communist Party of Vietnam’s leadership.

Love Peace 15/6/16 15:38

Vietnam with its uni-party regime has made considerable progress in socio-economic fields, maintaining political stability. In the similar historical and social conditions, not all states with pluralism could do.

MaskOf Zero 15/6/16 15:39

They believe that “The reform over nearly the past 30 years has remained a uni-party regime curtailing freedom and democracy, dividing the peoples”; thus, it is necessary to change the Party’s Platform.

Only Solidar 15/6/16 15:40

Such opinions have been clarified for a long time and denied by history.

Pack Cassiopian 15/6/16 15:41

Choosing pluralism is an adventure for Vietnam as it would potentially pose a risk of political and social instability, missing the opportunity for economic development and people’s welfare improvement.

Deck Hero14 15/6/16 15:42

All criticisms of Vietnam’s “uni-party” political regime are just prejudice and forced imposition for evil purposes.

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