Kinds of information prohibited to access


Kết quả hình ảnh cho Kinds of information prohibited to access

Vietnam National Assembly has voted to approve the Law of information access with 437 agreed participants (88%), eight disagreed delegates and three non-voting delegates.
The law provides that all citizens are equal and no discrimination in the exercise of the right of access to information. Information provided must be accurate and complete. The provision of information must be timely, transparent and convenient for citizens in the right sequence and process of law.
The limited access to information must be prescribed by law in the case of necessity for reasons of national defense, national security and social security, social ethics, the health of the community. The state must create favorable conditions for people with disabilities, people living in the border areas, islands, mountains, regions with particularly difficult social - economic conditions exercise the right of access to information.
The Law stipulates information that citizens are prohibited including: Information of state secrets, information is an important content in the fields of politics, defense, national security, foreign policy, economics, science learning, technology and other areas as prescribed by law. Only when this information is declassified, citizens will have right to access.
Citizens do not have access to information if this act is detrimental to the interests of the State or adversely affect national defense, national security, international relations and social security, social ethics, public health, harm to their lives, the lives or property of others; confidential information of the work; information on the internal meeting of the agency; the document drafted by the agency for internal affairs.

The Law also mentions prohibited acts as followed: Intentionally providing false or incomplete information; delaying the provision of information; destructing information; falsifying information; providing or using the information against the State, undermining the unity policy, inciting violence; providing or using the information to offend the honor, dignity, prestige, causing gender discrimination, cause damage to the property of individuals, agencies and organizations; obstructing, intimidating, retaliating the requesters who provided the information.
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