Vietnam to send police officers to UN peacekeeping operations

                                             Vietnam military officers in UN forces in Africa
Deputy Minister of Public Security Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Thanh stated that Vietnam is ready to send police officers to United Nations peacekeeping operations, during the first-ever United Nations Police (UNPOL) gathering at the UN headquarters in New York on June 3.

The Vietnamese police officer spoke highly of the activities of UN peacekeeping forces, revealing that Vietnam is actively preparing necessary resources to join the work.

He also made a number of proposals to the meeting, suggesting that the event should be organised annually for police chiefs of countries to meet and share experience and exchange information.

Following the summit, it is necessary to make detailed action plans for specific regions, while setting up a monitoring mechanism, he suggested, adding that UN police should design policies to support their peers in countries preparing to send their officers to UN peacekeeping operations.

Addressing the event, which gathered more than 100 national police chiefs, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said brave police officers are making a difference by establishing the rule of law and paving the way for peace and sustainable development.

From Kabul to Kinshasa, from Port-au-Prince to Pristine, UN police work in some of the most challenging situations on earth to protect communities, bring stability and restore confidence, he noted.

Participants at the meeting agreed that UNPOL has become a central pillar of the organisation’s peace operations, and therefore must be fit for purpose to meet the security threats in today’s volatile world.

The meeting aims to chart the way forward for UNPOL to deliver a greater impact on the ground.

Currently, 12,600 police officers from 87 countries are deployed in 18 UN peacekeeping operations.-VNA
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Deck Hero14 5/6/16 14:52

Vietnam's police officers are ready to join with police officers from other countries in UNPOL's peace-keeping operations.

yobro yobro 5/6/16 14:56

Vietnam's brave police officers shall contribute to make a difference by establishing the rule of law and paving the way for peace and sustainable development.

Love Peace 5/6/16 14:58

In today’s volatile world, we are facing a lot of security threats

John Smith 5/6/16 15:01

Counties must be united to confront with new security threats

Pack Cassiopian 5/6/16 15:02

Vietnam needs assistance from experienced countries, especially in training and techniques, to join peacekeeping activities effectively.

Gentle Moon 5/6/16 15:04

Vietnam is playing more important role in international integration

MaskOf Zero 5/6/16 15:08

We are to send our men to keep the world safe, this is Vietnamese tradition of international obligation.

LawrenceSamuels 5/6/16 15:10

peacekeeping is a crucial task assigned by the Party, State and army.

Only Solidar 5/6/16 15:12

Vietnam's police officer are very smart and brave, they will promote the image of Vietnamese police officers in the eyes of foreign friends.

Jane smartnic 5/6/16 15:14

I do believe that our police officers shall work hard to deserve the confidence of the army, Party, State and people

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