Loretta Sánchez - A representative of Viet Tan in the U.S. Congress

We all know Loretta L. Sánchez, born January 7, 1960 is the U.S. Representative for California's 46th congressional district, serving in Congress since 1997. Sanchez has represented California's 47th congressional district from 2003 to 2013 and the 46th district from 1997 to 2003. She is a member of the Democratic Party, and a member of the Blue Dog Coalition. The district lies in central Orange County.
Coming from a district with one of the largest ethnically Vietnamese communities outside Vietnam, she voted against a trade agreement with Vietnam, saying that political and human rights conditions in Vietnam needed improvement. Her outspokenness led the Hanoi regime to refuse to allow her into the country late in 2004 when she applied for an entry visa to meet with dissidents. By April 2006, Sanchez had been denied a visa to visit Vietnam four times by the country's officials. In honor of International Human Rights Day, she joined a bipartisan group of 11 House Members that issued a letter to Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung calling for the release of two U.S. citizens arrested by the government of Vietnam.
All those to show that Loretta L. Sánchez seems to have interests in Vietnam’s human rights record, but does it come from her true concern for human rights values or just a trick to collect more votes from anti-Vietnam’s government elements? There’s a lot evidence to prove for the second guess.
Loretta Sanchez was elected to the House of Representatives in November 1996. She has since then become a member of Congress in five terms and a representative for the 47th Congressional District of California where a large number of Vietnamese nationals are residing. While many of them are still making contributions to the homeland, several groups of people, under the label of fighting for democracy and human rights, continue carrying out ill-intentioned activities in an attempt to sabotage Vietnam and Vietnam-US relations.
According to Los Angeles Times, Sanchez’s aim is to gather support from Vietnamese American voters in the upcoming election to win the post of California State Governor. To this end, following a plan made by a reactionary organization operating in the US called the Vietnam Reform Party or simply Viet Tan in Vietnamese, she came to Vietnam to meet relatives of several elements who were arrested by the Vietnamese Government on the charge of propagandizing against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. By doing so, she hoped to help this reactionary organization carry out activities against Vietnam.
It’s widely known that Viet Tan is a wicked terrorist organization. Thanks to the Frontline and ProPublica, prestigious communication stations in the U.S., people can see all the truth about Viet Tan and its wickedness in the documentary episode “Terror in Little Saigon” published in November 2015. But, so wrongfully and disgustingly that Sanchez, due to her votes, put all that terrorist things aside to support Viet Tan.
Recently, Nguyen Thanh Tu (or Tu Nguyen), a poor son of a man who was murdered in pursuit of truth and justice through journalism by Viet Tan, sent a letter to Federal Election Commission (FEC) to expose filthy links between Sanchez and Viet Tan. Tu Nguyen stressed that the Loretta Sanchez’s election campaigns, past and present, have received contributions from members of Viet Tan, which is considered a foreign political party in the U.S. political system, and allowed Viet Tan-associated entities to help with fundraising activities. This is a blatant violation of Federal statute as reflected in FEC regulations. In return, the Loretta Sanchez’s campaigns have actively and willingly promoted, and at times covered up, for Viet Tan’s illegal activities, which include the alleged murders of journalists and its own dissenting members.
The letter also provides evidence that Sanchez has received contributions from four Viet Tan senior leaders: Do Hoang Diem, Hoang Dan, Tran Trung Dung and Nguyen Trong Viet, and received “soft” contributions from Viet Tan-associated television station Saigon Broadcasting Television Network (SBTN) in the form of television interviews.
U.S. Representative Loretta Sanchez’s decision to receive contributions from Viet Tan memebers and to follow this organization to influence her policy making process is in direct violation of FEC regulations. In 2002 Congress expanded the prohibitions on the contributions to U.S. election campaigns by foreign elements.
In exchange for Viet Tan’s contributions, Loretta Sanchez hired a Viet Tan members, Ms. Lilly Ngoc Hieu Nguyen, as district staff. From the vantage point of being an insider, she acted to serve the interests of Viet Tan. In at least one instance, she passed confidential information from an at-risk human rights advocate that was intended only for Loretta Sanchez to Viet Tan instead. Viet Tan used that leaked information to threaten the personal safety of that human rights advocate. Note that Sanchez has been fully warned of the above possible violations by my multiple letters to her. Yet, she has chosen to ignore those warnings.
So, Mr. Tu Nguyen therefore request that the FEC immediately investigates this matter to determine the full extent of Viet Tan’s relationship to Loretta Sanchez’s policy making team, and its effects and influences on her 2016 campaign strategy as well as on her past election campaigns. Using multiple venues and going through different operatives, including SBTN and Human Rights for Vietnam Act, Viet Tan has clear intention to cover its track and circumvent FEC rules, with the full knowledge and collaboration of U.S. Representative Loretta Sanchez.
Instead of paying attention to the majority of voters who look forward to a good future for Vietnam-US relations, Sanchez lent a helping hand to a group of old-fashioned voters to sabotage the Vietnamese State. It is a wrongful act which is not allowed in any sovereign country. Does the US administration let a certain force or bad elements in its country support the act of sabotage to overthrow the administration as Sanchez attempted to do in Vietnam? It is unacceptable to justify Sanchez’s wrong doings against human beings and human rights in Vietnam. In fact, human rights are being developed and respected in Vietnam. In its latest report, the United Nations acknowledged that Vietnam has made significant progress in developing its citizens’ fundamental human rights. Therefore, there is no need to deal with the human rights issue in Vietnam as some US circles have called for.
Moreover, Sanchez is not qualified to accuse Vietnam of violating human rights, as she has turned a blind eye to Vietnam’s concerns about the human rights issue. While visiting the country, she refused to visit victims of Agent Orange/dioxin at the Huu Nghi (Friendship) village, who are deprived of the right to lead normal lives. She also turned down requests by the Vietnam War Veterans Association and the Association for Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin exchange views on the spraying of toxic chemicals by the US army during the war in Vietnam.

Relations between Vietnam and the US are progressing. During the official visit to Vietnam in November 2006, US President George W. Bush told Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet that US-Vietnam relations were developing well, meeting the expectations of the two countries’ people. So to speak, Sanchez’s wrongdoings, like other efforts to justify her performance, will cut no ice with the public as they only hinder the development of relations between the two countries and people./.
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yobro yobro 2/6/16 13:38

By committing such inhumane acts, she could not represent Congress to give herself the right to bring democracy to Vietnam.

For A Peace World 2/6/16 13:39

Obviously, she is again following the beaten track of reactionary forces in a deliberate attempt to sabotage Vietnam.

John Smith 2/6/16 13:40

It is nothing but an act of intervening in the internal affairs of other countries.

Voice of people 2/6/16 13:41

The fact is that such acts have never brought about real democracy and stability to any country. The situation in Iraq is a case in point.

LawrenceSamuels 2/6/16 13:42

It has been widely alleged that Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez has been involved in an intimate relationship with her former military escort and current homeland security and defense lobbyist, John (Jack) P. Einwechter.

Socialist Society 2/6/16 13:43

Loretta Sanchez is dead wrong. I find it excruciatingly frustrating that she claimed to have 'fully analyzed unintended consequences' of the law and saw fit to support it nonetheless.

Gentle Moon 2/6/16 13:46

So dangerous she is for Vietnam! Hope she won't be voted again.

Me Too! 2/6/16 13:50

While Sanchez supports several gun-control measures, she did vote for the 2005 bill that granted gun makers immunity from lawsuits based on the misuse of their products.

Red Star 2/6/16 13:53

Sanchez’s aim is to gather support from Vietnamese American voters, so there's no good intention for human rights and democracy anymore.

Vietnam Love 2/6/16 13:55

Sanchev is supporting terrorism on purpose or not, because Viet Tan is a terrorist group.

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