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Draft Law on Access to Information includes 6 chapters 31 articles were prepared from 2008 until now. Many delegates agreed with the need to enact laws in the context of international integration as well as widening transparency of information.
Vice Chairman of the Parliament Huynh Ngoc Son identified a lot of issues that need to be publicized but now are "confidential". "For example, the health situation of the officers with treatment at foreign countries is totally nomal but always in secret. The concealment cause negative rumors, disturbance of social unrest”, Mr. Son said.
Agreeing with Mr. Son, Chairman of the Committee of Laws Phan Trung Ly said: “It is important to list kinds of information not provided and expressed in law ".
To enforce the law of the access to information will avoid distorting information, provide transparency and social development.
Vietnam promotes policy that “people know, people discuss, people do and people check”. Therefore, to legalize element people know is very essential because knowing is the first step for the following ones.

In the world there are about 100 countries have enacted specific laws on the rights of access to information by citizens. Sweden is the first country (in 1766), most of the remaining countries enacted laws in the 1990s to now. In Asia, some countries have enacted legislation on access to information such as Thailand (1997), Korea (1996), Japan 2001), India (2005), China (2007), Indonesia (2008) ... The Law of information accsess in Vietnam is effective as from July 1st 2018.
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