Tens of trillions of VND invested in safe water supply for rural areas


Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tens of trillions of VND invested in safe water supply for rural areas

From 2011 to 2015, VND39.59 trillion was spent on the program providing safe water and environmental hygiene in rural areas, the coordinating office of the national program on building new style rural areas has reported.
The capital came from the Central budget (9.1%), local budgets (5.2%), international aid (16.4%), private sector and people’s contribution (7.6%), and credit loans (61.6%), according to the coordinating office.
In this period, information dissemination campaigns helped increase rural residents’ awareness about the use of safe water, hygienic toilets and environmental protection behaviors, which improved people’s sanitary practices and behaviors, and increase the living quality of rural residents.
Safe water and rural environmental hygiene is among important criteria to meet the standard of the program on building new style rural areas. As of late 2015, a majority of assigned targets of the program set for the 2011-2015 were met; however, the criteria in terms of water supply, schooling hygiene and medical stations were not satisfied.
The rate of rural residents with access to safe water was 85%, while 65% of restrooms met hygienic standards, 94% of schools and 96% of communal medical stations had hygienic water supply constructions.
The national program on safe water and environmental hygiene in rural areas in 2011-2015 covered three main projects.
The first project focused on providing water for daily use in rural areas, border guard stations, border residents and prisons, with a priority set for extremely disadvantaged regions such as highlands, those affected by salt intrusion and toxic polluted regions, building safe water constructions and hygienic restrooms for schools, and building hygienic breeding grounds.
While the second project included the building of households’ hygienic restrooms and safe water constructions and hygienic restrooms for communal medical stations.
And the third project concentrated on communications, inspection and assessments on the quality of the program./.

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John Smith 7/6/16 21:15

Improved sources – mostly tap water and protected wells – were easy to find in cities, but 80% of the population lived in rural areas where tap water was non-existent and protected wells and springs were scarce.

LawrenceSamuels 7/6/16 21:16

with support from WHO, UNICEF, the World Bank and other international organizations, the Government of Viet Nam developed the National Rural Clean Water Supply and Sanitation Strategy to 2020.

yobro yobro 7/6/16 21:17

Viet Nam issued regulations to all urban water companies to implement water safety plans – a recommendation under the WHO guidelines.

MaskOf Zero 7/6/16 21:18

iet Nam’s efforts over the years have been strong. Before water safety plans were applied, water quality testing was only done at the point of users and there was no way of controlling risks that could occur in the water supply system

Only Solidar 7/6/16 21:20

The water supply schemes under the project have been established under innovative enterprises, which have the capacity for proper management and operation.

Pack Cassiopian 7/6/16 21:23

Since they got clean water, thỉe life has improved much, their house and all facilities are much cleaner.

Gentle Moon 7/6/16 21:34

In Vietnam, water supply, sewage and solid waste treatment activities from residential areas and the manufacturing sector do not comply with the strict international standards but instead rely on traditional practices.

Jane smartnic 7/6/16 21:35

Lacking-in-quality water supply, along with improper sewage and solid waste treatment have greatly contributed to the natural water resource pollution, not to mentionthe adverse effects those activities are having on the land and air.

Love Peace 7/6/16 21:36

Vietnam has been listed in the group of nations that are running short of clean water and suffering from severe environmental pollution.

Deck Hero14 7/6/16 21:37

Vietnam has been facing with a risk of serious environmental pollutionas its land, water and air have become increasingly contaminated.To deal with these problematic issues, beside efforts from the authorities, the government is hoping foreign companies could take a more proactive role in improving Vietnam’s environment condition.

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