Vietnam aims to promote human development in ethnic minority areas


The Government has issued a resolution on promoting human resources development in ethnic minority inhabited areas in 2016-2020, with orientation towards 2030. 

Objectives of the plan are to comprehensively improve health, awareness, manners, education and vocational skills for people from ethnic minority groups, especially those that remain limited in human resources development.

This is expected to gradually narrow the development gap between areas, thus meeting the demands for the country’s development and the labour market at present and in the future. 

It also aims to increase the number of intellectuals, entrepreneurs and skilled workers in ethnic minority communities, towards fuelling the nation’s socio-economic development and sustainable poverty reduction. 

The plan set to increase the life expectancy of ethnic minority people to 73 years old by 2020, and 75 in 2030, while reducing the malnutrition rate in ethnic minority children under five years old to 29 percent in 2020, and 19 percent ten years later.

The number of ethnic minority students pursuing studies in universities and colleges is expected to reach 130-150 out of every ten thousand people, and over 30 percent and 50 percent of ethnic minority people in the working age will be trained in vocational skills by 2020 and 2030, respectively.

To realise the set targets, the resolution put forward many solutions like opening more boarding schools in disadvantaged districts, increasing the number of ethnic minority teachers, and granting more scholarships to students in boarding schools. 

Poor ethnic women living in remote areas and children aged between 2-3 will be supported in line with policies on productive health and nutritional caring. 

Centres for high-quality vocational training will be established, while consultation and job introduction to ethnic minority labourers will be intensified.
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yobro yobro 20/6/16 15:07

Ethnic minorities also lag significantly behind on other MDG indicators.

LawrenceSamuels 20/6/16 15:08

National policies and programmes are in place to address ethnic minority poverty and promote equal access to services

John Smith 20/6/16 15:09

Implementation of national policies and programmes in a culturally-sensitive manner, based on the needs and interests of ethnic minority communities is equally important.

MaskOf Zero 20/6/16 15:10

In terms of capabilities, an education, good health and skills for employment are among the key capabilities needed for ethnic minorities to develop their full potential.

Only Solidar 20/6/16 15:11

The State should take measures to promote equal opportunities for all persons and stimulate economic growth and development for the ethnic minority and indigenous groups, especially with regard to employment, education and health care.

Deck Hero14 20/6/16 15:12

Furthermore, the State should ensure the active involvement of targeted beneficiaries through adequate consultation and participation in the decisions relating to their rights and interests.

Gentle Moon 20/6/16 15:13

There are however, existing disparities and gaps between ethnic minorities and the Kinh majority in health, education and skills.

Jane smartnic 20/6/16 15:14

Better access to primary health care, maternal and child health and reproductive health care is particularly important to improve health outcomes.

Love Peace 20/6/16 15:15

The language barrier is one of the key barriers to access to basic services between majority and minority ethnic groups.

Pack Cassiopian 20/6/16 15:16

Concrete “breakthrough” measures are necessary to reach out and include ethnic minorities in skill training and then linking them to labour markets.

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