All activities of the Government under the Party's leadership

The meeting of the Government

The Government has issued five working principles, which promote personal responsibility of the head.
Firstly, the government works under the mode that combines the power and responsibility of the Government with the personal power and responsibility of the Prime Minister and the each member of the Government.
The government makes decisions on the principle of majority for matters under the jurisdiction of the Government.
All activities of the Government, members of the Government must ensure the Party's leadership, adhering to the provisions of the Constitution and the law.
Secondly, promoting the personal responsibility of the head, each task is assigned only to a person who will be responsible and in charge of the task.
If the task assigned to the ministries, ministerial-level agencies, the provincial People's Committee, the Ministers, heads of ministerial-level agencies, chairs of the provincial People's Committee must be responsible.
Thirdly, proactively addressing tasks under the scope of assigned jurisdiction, process and procedures prescribed by law, the working regulations of the Government; ensuring the  coordination, exchange of information in solving work in all activities in accordance with the functions, duties and powers prescribed by law; subordinates obey the leadership and guidance of superiors.
Fourthly, conducting properly the decentralization and authorization for local governments in accordance with the law, ensuring the united management of the Government; promoting the autonomy, responsibility and creativity of local government in the implementation of the state management tasks.
Fifthly, ensuring the publicity, transparency and modernization in all activities of the Government, ministries, ministerial-level agencies and state administrative agencies at all levels; implementing an unified, smooth, consecutive, democratic and modern administrative system to serve the people and be subjected to the inspection and supervision by the people.
According to the regulations, the way of dealing with the work of government is to discuss and decide at the meeting of the Government; send feedback cards to Government members.
The Government discusses and decides on the following key issues: the proposals of the Government on formulation of laws, ordinances and resolutions to the National Assembly (NA), the NA Standing Committee; the draft laws and resolutions proposed to the Assembly, the draft ordinances and resolutions proposed to the NA Standing Committee; the social-economic development strategy, project and plans for long term and annually; the annual State budget estimation and allocation plans ; the State budget settlement; the social-economic situation monthly, 6 months, whole year and the tasks and solutions to implement the social-economic development plan.
Besides, the Government discusses and decide the organizational structure of the Government; the establishment and abolition of ministries, ministerial-level agencies; the establishment, merger and dissolution of government agencies; establishment, dissolution, merger, division, adjustment of the administrative boundaries of provinces and cities under the central government, the special economic-administrative units.
The Government discusses and decides the annual working program of the Government; review the direction and administration of the Government, the Prime Minister and the implementation of the working regulations of the Government, the matters that the Government must discuss and decide as prescribed by law; other necessary matters as decided by the Prime Minister./.
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Jane smartnic 9/10/16 16:22

It's essential to have the Party's leadership in all activities of the Government

Love Peace 9/10/16 16:25

the nation has gained active achievements in socio-economic development

LawrenceSamuels 9/10/16 16:26

The Government has launched drastic policies on environmental protection, made tourism a key economic sector, protected the rights for citizens and tackled barriers for production and business

Pack Cassiopian 9/10/16 16:27

There has been positive progress amidst several ongoing challenges, authorities should now focus on dealing with any obstacles if stated goals are to be met.

Gentle Moon 9/10/16 16:28

a Decree was issued with the aim of expanding health insurance coverage to 90% of the total population, which is regarded as a consistent guideline to protect people’s rights.

MaskOf Zero 9/10/16 16:31

With the Party's guidelines, the Government can implement its policies effectively!

John Smith 9/10/16 16:34

The Party's leadership ensures the Government's activities always on the right track!

Only Solidar 9/10/16 16:37

Ministers, Heads of Ministerial-level agencies, Presidents of provincial People's Committees shall strictly implement the tasks and measures

yobro yobro 9/10/16 16:38

Ministries, agencies and localities shall strengthen the prevention of corruption and strictly handle violations, harassment.

Deck Hero14 9/10/16 16:41

We believe in the success of the Government in implementing its functions under the Party's leadership.

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