US police released video footage of the fatal shooting of a colored man


In the video posted on the internet, the victim Keith Lamont Scott was stepping out of a white sport car, reversing a few steps with both hands at the hips.
Then police fired four shots at him. In the footage, police screamed loud “put the gun down”, but Mr. Scott had no reaction.
In the second video, Scott was lying down and being handcuffed by police after being shot. However, the scenes in the video footage were not clear of what Mr. Scott was holding after getting out of the car. The policeman, who shot down Mr. Scott, was also a colored person.
Also in the video, there were a short gun, presumed to belong to Scott, a gun bag sticking at the Scott’s ankle and a marijuana bag.
The Charlotte Police informed that they would announce soon the result of AND test of Scott’s fingerprints.
Previously, the Charlotte Police affirmed that Scott had threatened them with weapon and bringing marijuana.
Therefore, the police must shot the object for the sake of the community
However, the victim’s family said that at the time of being shot he was holding a book not a shotgun.
The death of a colored man, Scott 43 years old, is the latest incident of the killings of the colored by police’s shooting, triggering the protest movement and violence in recent days at Charlotte city.
The city’s mayor has declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew, as well as urged authorities to urgently conduct a transparent investigation and clear explanation about this case./.
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John Smith 13/10/16 21:56

The Scott family authorized this release of information because, as they have maintained from the very beginning, they are simply seeking transparency

yobro yobro 13/10/16 21:58

the use of deadly force has to always be a last resort and not a first resort

LawrenceSamuels 13/10/16 22:00

The key question remains, whether this was a justified shooting,

Jane smartnic 13/10/16 22:03

The shooting immediately drew protests, which lasted for several days. On the second night, one protester was fatally shot.

Gentle Moon 13/10/16 22:10

In the US, the black are very easy to be subjects of the police's deadly forces

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