How do Philippine police dismiss a protest?


On October 19, many people were injured after being hit by the police cars at the front gate of the US Embassy in Manila (Philippines).
On October 19, about 1000 protesters, gathering before the US Embassy in Manila (Philippines), demanded the US to withdraw all American soldiers from the Philippines and called on President Rodrigo Duterte to implement an independent foreign policy.
The Philippine police had to use tear gas to dismiss the crowd. There was at least 50 protesters were injured, 5 protesters were hit by the police car.
Some video footage show that there was a small police car, surrounded by protesters, trying to move continuously back and forward while being surrounded by the crowd of protesters. The protesters were trying to rob the clubs of the police and attacking the police cars. Someone was run over by the police car. The police also used water cannons to disperse the crowd.
Renato Reyes, the leader of the protesters says that at least 29 protesters were arrested and took to the police’s station. These people are said to have approached, thrown red paint on police officers and guards in front of the US Embassy. Police says that protesters had smashed the windows of the police’s cars and that was the reason of the conflict.
While Mr. Reyes complained that the use of violence of the police was unacceptable.
“Even the President is trying to implement the independent foreign policy, the police are still acting like the US’s servants” the leader of protesters said.
President Duterte has just visited China to improve the relationship between the two countries, which has been strained since the time of his predecessor over territorial disputes in South China Sea.
In the time of the relationship between the US and the Philippines are unstable, Duterte is trying to be close to China and Russia./.
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