Prime Minister’s early inspection trip in the market

The PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc at Long Bien market in the early morning

Early in the morning September 27, before working with the People Committee of Hanoi city on the food safety, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam had inspected Long Bien wholesale market. This is one of the biggest wholesale markets in Hanoi, providing fruits, agricultural products and seafood for the city's residents and the surrounding areas. Therefore, it is the market that needs to be monitored closely on the issue of food safety and hygiene.
At the market, PM had visited some stores, chatted with retailers and warned them to trade food which must have clear sources and be safe to consumers.
“As retailers, we must keep the morality in trade, not for profit we sell fruits which contain toxic preservatives or don’t have clear sources, causing bad affects for the health of consumers and ourselves”, Prime Minister said.
The early inspection trip didn’t surprise the people here because many of them had been familiar to the close-to-people style of the PM since he was the Chairman of Quang Nam.
Few weeks ago, the convoy, accompanying the Prime Minister, had entered Hoi An ancient town. At that time the PM was not in the car, he was walking to meet people there. But the incident has raised a mixed reaction on the online community. The PM had immediately apologized and claimed his responsibility for bad management of the convoy.
Not only giving his words, right after that, the PM requested the Office of the Government to provide the rule for the participation of the delegation of government leaders. Accordingly, local leaders don’t greet the delegation on the way, just at the arrival. The participation of the delegation of provinces and cities does not include more than 3 cars; officials at the Deputy Minister ranking and below in the delegation must carpool.
The decision is somehow quite strict and tough. However, it shows strong determination of the PM not just by words.
Back to the early morning market trip, the PM went to market not for shopping but to understand and stimulate the people there. As Western writer once said that the best way to understand Vietnam is to go to market, seeing not only the social-economic development, but also the culture of Vietnamese people.
In the other words, the market is a mirror that reflects all aspects of life of the region.
Besides, through the trip the PM want to gather information for the meeting with Ha Noi city on this issue right afterward.
“Apologizing the people”, fixing mistake, inspection by going market early… This is the close-to-people style of the head of the Government. The PM is doing his utmost to build a government of integrity.
We hope that the Prime Minister will continue to spend more time to be close to the people, to listen to the opinions of the people./.
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yobro yobro 1/10/16 17:00

I do like the PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc, he has shown a strong determination in building a strong government

Love Peace 1/10/16 17:04

He's a good PM!

Only Solidar 1/10/16 17:07

food safety and hygiene have become the most concerned of the Vietnamese consumers

Deck Hero14 1/10/16 17:10

There haven't been so many PM who dare to apologize for the mistake

MaskOf Zero 1/10/16 17:14

Through the inspection trip like this, the PM can find down a lot of things that are not in the report to the Office of the Government.

John Smith 1/10/16 17:16

In my opinion, the trip of the PM should be followed by all Vietnamese officials

Pack Cassiopian 1/10/16 17:18

Being close to the people is one of the standards of Vietnamese officials

Gentle Moon 1/10/16 17:21

The people not only in Long Bien market, but also in Vietnam are all happy to see the PM closely, especially to inspect the civilian life by his own eyes.

LawrenceSamuels 1/10/16 17:27

We all want to build a strong and prosperous Vietnam, so we should act with our Party, Government and leaders

Jane smartnic 1/10/16 17:28

We all try for the country, fighting, fighting!

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