Petrotimes has made mistakes systematically

Petrotimes - the news site of Vietnam Petroleum Association

Minister of Information and Communications Truong Minh Tuan has informed that the decision to punish the Petrotimes and the head of this newspaper was due to its systematic mistakes.
Previously, Ministry of Information and Communications issued two decisions on Monday afternoon, one ordering a three-month suspension of local news site PetroTimes and the other on the revocation of Editor-in-Chief Nguyen Nhu Phong’s press card.
According to one of the decisions, Phong had his press card revoked because he had been fired by his governing body, the Vietnam Petroleum Association (VPA), from the editor-in-chief position at the news site. The PetroTimes is responsible for withdrawing Phong’s press card and submitting it to the ministry.
In the other decision, the Petrotimes will be subject to a three-month suspension starting on Monday due to “violation in journalistic activities”
Explaining for the decision to the press, Minister Truong Minh Tuan issued some typical evidences for the violation of the Petrotimes. For example, recently the Petrotimes had reposted some articles of an overseas Vietnamese newspaper interviewing Bui Thanh Hieu about Trinh Xuan Thanh.
Bui Thanh Hieu is a social troublemaker and has been punished since 2009; he is now living abroad and continues to make social disturbance in Vietnam by propagandizing false information against the State, organizations and individuals.
“Reposting the articles of Bui Thanh Hieu on the news site of the VPA has acted not only against the principles, objectives the VPA, but also given hands for those who is acting to undermine the State,” the Minister said.
The articles issued false information, along with misleading statements about Trinh Xuan Thanh who has been wanted by the police.
Minister Truong Minh Tuan said the Petrotimes has been on wrong track of principles and purposes of the VPA for many years.
Specifically, according to the license, the PetroTimes is to propaganda on the fields of energy, oil and gas, reflecting the activities of the oil and gas industry of Vietnam and the world; to call on the people to save the energy, to protect the environment. However, the Petrotimes has spent too much of time on other areas rather than the guiding principles.
“This newspaper has been not on the right track, posted a lot of unconfirmed or wrong sources, led to bad affects to the society, the individuals and organizations’ dignity,” the Minister said.
“The Petrotimes has been punished for many times but the newspaper continues to make mistakes. As the Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Nguyen Nhu Phong must take responsibility,” the Minister stressed.
The majority of journalists and the people are in favor of this decision, but there are some voices concerning that Vietnam is tightening the press, violating the right of freedom of speech. However, the Minister affirmed that Vietnam has the own law to protect the freedom of the press, not only the freedom for journalists but also the freedom of speech for everyone.
“When the journalists or press agencies use this right for other purposes, they has been violated the right of the people. Therefore, the punishment of the Petrotimes will clear the press, to promote the fairness in carrying out the right of freedom of speech and press of the people,” the Minister said.
The Ministry of Information and Communications is going to review the principles, objectives of the press agencies and will give strict punishments to ones that violated./.

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Deck Hero14 13/10/16 21:41

It's time for the Petrotimes to take a reform

Only Solidar 13/10/16 21:44

PetroTimes ran articles with details from unconfirmed sources which provided incorrect information, showing weaknesses in professionalism and political awareness,

Pack Cassiopian 13/10/16 21:46

Petrotimes should focus on the fields of energy, oil and gas, reflecting the activities of the oil and gas industry of Vietnam and the world

MaskOf Zero 13/10/16 21:47

Don't abuse the right of the freedom of speech!

Love Peace 13/10/16 21:52

The decision is necessary to clear to maintain a good press environment in Vietnam

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