Unmask and severely punish the sham patriots !


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Over the past time, hostile forces and opportunists have continued to use wicked tricks to sabotage the Vietnamese revolution. Taking advantage of patriotism to sabotage the country’s reform is a frequently - used one.
Removing all socialist countries in the world, including Vietnam is the consistent target of imperialism. Moreover, they hope to transform our society into Western model. Therefore, they have always attempted to distort our Party and State’s guidelines and policies in the economic, cultural, social, defence, security, diplomatic fields. In reality, they have even taken advantage of sacred national values to sabotage our people’s reform and Homeland construction and protection.
Patriotism of the Vietnamese people is an invaluable tradition, blended with the nation's spirit, strong will and identity to become a symbol for today’s noble and selfless revolutionary heroism. It is completely contradictory to treachery, hatred and plots of those who intend to sabotage the country. Vietnam national history is the one of patriotism with numerous honoured examples. However, there exist disgraces, such as Le Chieu Thong, Ngo Dinh Diem who were condemned and received bad karma. It is a lesson for the sham patriots. Hostile forces are now making best use of wicked tricks to sabotage the Communist Party of Vietnam and our people’s reform cause. They are focusing on Marxism - Leninism, Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and lifestyle, the Party’s platform, guideline, viewpoint, and the State’s policy and law. Notably, whenever the country has great political events, or the situation in the world and the country has complex developments, that trick is repeated.
In May 2014, China’s illegally positioning its Haiyang Shiyou-981oil rig in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone and continental shelf  brought about a wave of public protest both at home and abroad. While Vietnamese patriots stuck by the Party and the State to resolutely, persistently fight and force them to move the rig out of Vietnam’s waters, the hostile forces and “democrats” took advantage of that incident to criticize, sabotage and slander our Party, State and military. They intentionally made the situation worse and turned the tension at sea into difficulties on land. They took advantage of the so-called “patriotism” to call for demonstrations with the motto “protect sovereignty over seas and islands”, disturbing social order and safety, demolishing public property and causing economic damage, in order to undermine the credibility and leadership role of the Party and the State. More blatantly, taking that occasion, some  people requested “pluralism”, “multi-party” and the “release” of a number of prisoners. It is clear that they called for “patriotism” and protection of “sovereignty over seas and islands” but acted contrarily. Their actions clarified the truth about the sham patriots who are gaining political benefits from destroying the country. To realize their plots, these patriots have closely worked with hostile forces abroad, particularly Viet Tan reactionary organization. Whenever the country has noticeable events or gets into trouble, Viet Tan and its “democrats” will come to provoke and do their utmost to resonate with public opinions at home and abroad. As for the events which they think they could take advantage of, they would try to gather force and put forward demands towards the Party Committees and authorities at levels. They even gather force to provoke violence, revile and insult executive forces, and blame the authority for suppressing the “patriots”. When everything is made clear, they shamelessly say that it is the effort of the “democrat societies” which brought about this result, and that to “reduce the pressure of public opinions” the Government had to resolve the issue. They were very vocal about “continued struggles” and released various argument to spread doubts about our Party and State.
Their sabotage against the country has been clearly manifested in other events, drawing a lot of “attention” from online “rags”. There have appeared a number of people who call themselves “innocent victims” supported and directed by several overseas reactionary organizations. They mingle with the real victims to claim their “innocence” on the streets and in front of the authority’s office. Disrespecting the law, they appeal for a long time to destabilize political security and public order. Noticeably, when they gather together to make appeal, they only focus on slandering the Party and the authority, asking for the release of several prisoners, or sending birthday wishes to the notorious reactionary organization called Bloc 8406. Those activities have been taken, filmed, and posted on RFA, BBC, VOA to earn reputation for them and tarnish the image of Vietnam.
Recently, the hostile forces and political opportunists have further sabotaged the Election of Deputies to the 14th National Assembly and the People’s Councils at levels for 2016-2020 term with extremely wicked tricks. A part from encouraging “self-nomination” and having a high opinion of “self-nominees”, they have focused on sullying and undermining the prestige of nominees for National Assembly deputies, and calling for “election boycott”. They have also persuaded and bribed a number of people to gather together and disturb the election in several localities.
Some self-proclaimed “radical”, “patriotic” individuals have called for an electoral campaign on the Internet, using blog and facebook to “support” the self-nominees. Several foreign newspapers and broadcasters have been very vocal about the election in Vietnam saying that “It was an unfair election and an open congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam only”. They have invented stories about a lack of “transparency” in the election and “discrimination” against the self-nominees. It is clear that their collaboration is very professional and dangerous. However, they were completely defeated. The election was successful, legal, democratic, fair, and transparent.
That success is the most convincing evidence to prove that all plots taking advantage of patriotism to sabotage the country will be defeated. Those who intentionally take advantage of patriotism to sabotage the country’s reform will certainly be unmasked by the people and severely punished by law.

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