Identifying strategic partnership in globalization and international integration era (Part 2 and end)


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Several typical types of strategic partnership worldwide
According to experts in international studies, due to the multilateralization and diversification in international relations, together with types of common strategic partnerships, such as strategic partnership, comprehensive strategic partnership, selective strategic partnership, there appear a number of specific strategic partnerships which should be exactly analyzed and indentified in reality.
1. Impacted by increasingly deepened and broadened globalization and international integration, one country could establish strategic partnership with several other countries to form “special strategic partners” so as to pursue special national interests. For instance, Russia - India relationship and Vietnam - Russia relationship are all identified as special strategic partnerships or strategic partnerships of special nature.
2. Strategic partnership does not exclude the alliance or the relationship among allies. Typically when the two-pillar world order collapsed, the former socialist countries seemed to hesitate to mention the matter of “military alliance” or “ally”, only the U.S. and European countries continued to maintain such relationships, i.e. the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the military alliances between the U.S. and Japan, the U.S. and South Korea. Therefore, countries could include “military alliance” in “strategic partnership”. Which means they do not need to sign a military alliance treaty to avoid confrontation but possibly highlight special nature of the relationship.
3. In the modern world, the forming conditions and the interdependence among states in international relations are increasing. Thus, a country, no matter how great its potential, strength,  natural resources, and development level are, is influenced by its interdependent and complex relations with other countries. Similarly, no countries (no matter how great their economic, military strength is) are able to independently resolve global pressing issues but to rely on a close international cooperation. Under that condition, every country should adapt itself quickly to the new international environment by combining the former approaches with the new ones to key matters in international relations. Hence, the signing of various strategic partnerships, including extensive, connective strategic partnerships among countries, contributes to forming a new world order which might be called “multi-partner world order” or “network world order”.

However, people also believe that in addition to strategic partnerships that encourage the development of each country, region and the world, there remain a number of strategic partnerships being used by several countries to make their partners dependent to compete for geopolitical and geostrategic benefits. Therefore, the identification of strategic partnership among countries is a matter of paramount importance drawing a lot of interest from many countries in the world.
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