Priests’ incitements, people’s naivety and social chaos


Those past days, we have heard much about the environmental crisis in central provinces, a disease that no one would want to happen. But it had happened and the authorities have done their jobs and held responsibility on Formosa, and it has agreed to compensate for losses. The Party and State of Vietnam have worked out the making-up plan, but so pitifully when some priests in these provincial local areas have incited people to conduct many activities that were not just defiant to the government but also cause instability and hurt the people’s interests.
 On 2nd September 2016, while all pupils across the country were eager to come to school, in some areas of the central provinces as Ky Anh town, nearly thousand children did not come to school for a new year of schooling. Why did this sorrow happen?
 It’s a pity that persons who stood behind these activities are priests, self-claimed God’s servers, who always proclaim as representatives for people’s sake. Bishop of Vinh Paul Nguyen Thai Hop and local priest Hoang Bien Cuong, others priests like Phan Khanh Du, Tran Dinh Lai priest of Dong Yen, Dang Huu Nam, priest of Phu Yen, Nghe An province, etc have called people to not allow their children to go to school in excuse for their compensation. It is sad and blameworthy for these priests, especially Bishop Nguyen Thai Hop, as religious dignitaries they must show people what is right and wrong, and as “fathers”, they are called, they must take care for their followers’ interests instead of inciting people to carry out extremist and stupid move like that. To justify, they told people to ask for helps and supports because of poor conditions of these families due to the crisis. It’s a vague axcuse because after the crisis the Party and State and many charity organizations and groups have gathered to support the people in those provinces.
 In many ways of protesting the environmental disease, this act is the most stupid way for people’s benefits. It’s so sad that these priests have done it. Children are future of the country. They need to go to school, to study to have knowledge, as though they can apply for a job to support their life and contribute for the nation. These priests have no rights to take this right from those poor children no matter what reasons are. Fortunately, after the engagements of the State and local authorities, at the end of Septemper, people have allowed for their children to go to school.
Morever, recently, on Sunday October 2nd, these priests have incited people to rally after praying sessions and caused chaos in areas of Ha Tinh province. These instabilites are not good for everyone, both the State and people. Their activities will hurt the country’s image as an attractive destiny for foreign investors, mainly Taiwan in this case. Closing Formosa is a sensitive issue in relationship between Vietnam and Taiwan, so it’s the government’s decision to make, not any priest.
      These incidents have once again proved that there are some priests who have been so arbitrary in their doings. They have abused their positions as religious dignitaries to conduct activities that go against the country’s and people’s interests. These elements must be warned and should be aware their faults and cooperate with the authorities to help people overcome the crisis and build a prosperous livelihood for all, as God’s will./.
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