One million messages sent to support AO victims


Since its first launch in 2011, the program on texting DACAM to 1409, one of the numbers of the National Humanitarian Portal 1400, and donating VND18,000 each to support Agent Orange victims, reported one million messages as of late September, according to the Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange (VAVA).
The mobile texting campaign, which collected VND7.3 billion in its first year, has been held as an annual event during the occasion of the Day for AO victims (August 10th). This year, over VND3.5 billion was donated through the program, carried out between August 6th to September 30th.
According to the VAVA, 4.8 million Vietnamese people were exposed to Agent Orange, with three million being victims of the toxic chemical. Hundreds of thousands of people have died while the living victims are struggling with dangerous diseases. The negative impact of the chemical is passed down from generation to generation, with tens of thousands of people being deprived the right of parenthood and hundreds of thousands of children being born disabled.
To share the pain of the victims and help them stabilise their lives and integrate into society, VAVA has carried out diverse programs gathering assistance from domestic and international friends.
Each year, the National Humanitarian Portal 1400 organises a wide range of humanitarian programs, collecting over VND100 billion as of late 2015./.

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