The event was held by the Central Committee of Vietnamese Students’ Association to promote friendship of Vietnamese Students’ Association, Vietnamese students and foreign students in Vietnam; and help foreign students understand more about the fine Vietnamese traditional culture on the occasion of Tet.
Students participated in five-fruit tray display 
It drew the participation of 252 representatives, foreign students from 17 countries and territories who are studying in Vietnam and 178 Vietnamese students in universities in Hanoi. Vietnamese students in the UK, France, Germany, Hungary, RoK and China returning to Vietnam to welcome Tet also took part in the event.
At the event, the students jointly participated in cultural activities to welcome the Lunar New Year, such as decorating a “Mam Ngu Qua” (five-fruit tray), wrapping 'Banh chung' (Vietnamese Rice Cakes for the Lunar New Year), making greeting cards for Tet under the message ‘I love Vietnam’, folk games, and a music gala event.
Vice President of Vietnamese Students’ Association Doan Hong Ha said that the event promoted exchange between Vietnamese youth and foreign students in Vietnam; created conditions for Vietnamese students to participate in internal exchange activities, contributing to promoting the Vietnamese land and people to friends in the region and in the world./