Raising consensus for a successful 2017!

A year of numerous challenges has past. The global and regional political situation continues to see complicated developments, especially in the East Sea. Natural disasters, droughts, saltwater intrusion, climate change and the maritime environmental incident in some central provinces lead to negative socio-economic impacts, especially in regards to production and people’s living conditions.
The success of the 12th National Party and elections of the 14th National Assembly and People’s Councils at all levels have given added strength, confidence for strong innovation, dynamism, determination in leadership, organisation and implementation together with efforts made by the entire Party, people and armed forces. The country’s socio-economic situation has achieved positive results in almost every area. The macro-economy has generally been stable, inflation has been under control; the manufacturing industry and businesses continued to grow; the restructuring of public investment projects has achieved a degree of success while private sector investment has witnessed positive changes; and confidence in the market has increased. Social progress, justice, cultural development and the cause of new rural building also achieved positive results. Social security was ensured while social welfare and people’s lives weregreatly improved. Administrative reform, product competiveness, investment and the business environmenthave seen improvements. Party building and rectification has been enhanced while a number of drastic measures have been devised to fight against corruption and wastefulness. Defence and security have been enhanced. External relations and international integration have been deepened and expanded, contributing to enhancing Vietnam’s position and prestige in the global arena. Though a very difficult year, these achievements have been obtained thanks to huge efforts made by the entire Party, people and armed forces.
However, the year of 2017 remains a tough year for the nation with a range of difficulties and challenges. The global economy continues to experience a slow recovery. Prices of some basic commodities and crude oil remain low. The situation in the East Sea remained tense and unpredictable. Domestically, aside from the advantagesand achievements gained, there are still many challenges, limitations and weaknesses. The budget deficit, public debt and debts in capital construction remain high. Disbursement of investment capital from the state budget, especially government bonds and ODA has been held-up; productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the economy still remains slow. Corruption, wastefulness, and unemployment are still pressing issues. Social evils, violations related to the environment, food safety, traffic accidents and trade fraud remain constant concerns of the whole society. The process of international integration and participation in new-generation free trade agreements in a broad and deep manner has not only opened up a new development space for Vietnam’s economy but also posed many challenges.
The fourth plenum of the twelfth Party Central Committee pointed out objectives, tasks and solutions for socio-economic development in 2017, as well as issued important resolutions in order to build and develop the country in a quick and sustainable manner throughout2017 and subsequent years. To continue to fulfil its leadership responsibility - a crucial factor for the success of the national construction and defence cause - the Party issued a resolution on enhancing the building and rectification of the Party, the prevention of ideological, ethical and lifestyle degradation, as well as the manifestation of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” inside the Party. The Party also adopted two other resolutions on a number of guidelines and policies in order to further improve growth quality, labourproductivity and competitiveness of the economy; effective implementation of the international economic integration process and the maintenance of socio-political stability in the context of Vietnam joining new-generation free trade agreements.
Numerous difficulties and challenges still remain but the entire Party, people and armed forces have prepared to enter the New Year with high determination, confidence, solidarity and consensus in order to successfully implement the Resolution of the 12th National Party Congress and other resolutions of the Party Central Committee, as well as record new achievements to realisethe goal of building a strong nation and a wealthy people in a democratic, just and civilised society.
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