Party leader requests stronger action in corruption fight

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has urged higher resolve and more drastic actions to better prevent and fight corruption, wastefulness and negative phenomena.
While recognising the committee’s efforts, the Party chief, who is also head of the steering committee, pointed out that many shortcomings remain, particularly the slow pace of the investigation, prosecution and trial of some serious corruption cases and the small amount of assets recovered from corruption cases. State agencies failed to uncover corruption within their apparatus, and most of those cases were brought to light by the media or the public.
The Party General Secretary emphasised that while the central government has taken strong actions against corruption, local governments have not done much.
He asked the committee to put more serious or delayed corruption cases under its supervision and pay more heed to the fields of natural resources, environment, taxation, customs, and the private and foreign invested sectors.
It must take measures to prevent corruption suspects from escaping and step up inspection and examination of the responsibility of the heads of agencies when corruption occurs.
It is also necessary to increase information dissemination on corruption fight activities and the implementation of the Politburo’s Directive 05 on studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and lifestyle, and the resolution of the 12th Party Central Committee’s fourth session on Party reinforcement, he added.
Reviewing the committee’s performance in 2016, participants at the meeting said the investigation, prosecution and trying of serious corruption cases have been improved substantially.
Many big corruption cases have been handled strictly and on schedule such as the cases involving Pham Cong Danh, ex-Chairman of the Vietnam Construction Bank, and Ha Van Tham, ex-Chairman of the Oceanbank Boards of Directors.
Among the cases monitored by the committee, eight cases with 121 defendants have been brought to the first-instance court while six other cases with 55 defendants have been brought to the court of appeal in 2016.
The examination, supervision and auditing activities serving corruption fight have also been intensified, participants said.
Through inspections, the steering committee has put forwards 11 groups of recommendations on changes in the leadership of Party and Party committees at all levels of anti-corruption work, personnel work, anti-corruption institutions, and State management in the tax and customs sectors.
As of present, all 63 Party committees of centrally-governed cities and provinces have issued their plan of actions to implement the Politburo’s Directive 50 on strengthening the Party’s leadership of anti-corruption work. They also took up supervision of the investigation and handling of 436 corruption-related cases and crimes.

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Gentle Moon 9/1/17 13:31

The corruption constrained the socio-economic development; increased the poverty and weaken the healthcare, education systems; destructed the democracy; increased the inequality and unfairness in the society.

Jane smartnic 9/1/17 13:32

Corruption battle is concerned by the whole world because corruption presents in both rich and poor countries and the group of poor people is the most vulnerable one.

Love Peace 9/1/17 13:33

Many efforts had been made to enhance the people’ awareness of the corruption and to encourage the people’s proactive participation in anticorruption works.

Pack Cassiopian 9/1/17 13:34

All the people understood that anticorruption is not the Government’s own duty. Therefore, the people have participated more proactively in anticorruption efforts through the legal documents system and mass media channels, which have made certain results in this work.

John Smith 9/1/17 13:35

Most enterprise aware of the importance and effectiveness of developing and executing the code of conduct and behavior to prevent the corruption.

LawrenceSamuels 9/1/17 13:36

Any anticorruption efforts may be failed if they do not target to the people’s need and lack of their participation.

yobro yobro 9/1/17 13:43

It was necessary to propaganda and popularize the anticorruption law; strengthen the public transparency and accountability along with administrative reform and the increase in the responsibility of the leader

MaskOf Zero 9/1/17 21:25

Strengthen the mechanism on protecting and rewarding the denunciators; ensure the strict settlement of corruptive behaviors to consolidate the people’s confidence and encourage them to participate more proactively in the anticorruption works.

Only Solidar 9/1/17 21:26

All the people participated more proactively in anticorruption work through the activities of discovering and denunciating the corruption and negative issues.

Deck Hero14 9/1/17 21:28

Vietnam must find the way for the awareness and participation of the whole society in the anticorruption increased more practically and widely.

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