NA Vice Chairwoman urged practical activities for children


“The Vietnam Association for the Protection of Children's Rights (VAPCR) needs to further promote practical activities to support children, particularly those living in difficult circumstances, in the coming time.”
This statement was made by Politburo member and Vice Chairwoman of the National Assembly (NA) Tong Thi Phong while hosting a delegation of the VAPCR in Hanoi on January 16.
Addressing the meeting, NA Vice Chairwoman Phong expressed her deep sympathy with children who have overcome all difficulties to make outstanding achievements in study.
She also appreciated the efforts made by the VAPCR to mobilise numerous enterprises, individuals and benefactors to charity activities supporting children over the past few years.
The NA Vice Chairwoman emphasised the success of the programme “Tet for Children” which was launched by the VAPCR in 2017, mobilising VND6 billion to help children facing especially difficult circumstances and those from ethnic minority backgrounds.
She affirmed that the Party and State would continue to pay much attention to activities to care for and protect children and hoped benefactors would further enhance assistance for them.
At the meeting, NA Vice Chairwoman Phong presented gifts to children living in difficult circumstances and called for more activities to help the poor, particularly children, to have a warm Tet holiday.
She asked Party committees, Fatherland Front committees, unions and organisations at all levels to continue to join hands to care for disadvantaged children.
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Deck Hero14 18/1/17 20:44

Education and training for children play an essential role in the preservation, development and continuation of human civilization.

Pack Cassiopian 18/1/17 20:45

To improve the quality of human resources is the main conditions for the economic growth and social development.

Only Solidar 18/1/17 20:46

The objectives and solutions to education and training development strategy in the coming period must thus respond to the needs of highly qualified manpower, improving the quality of the laborers, creating learning desire for young generation and teaching them how to have lifelong learning, helping them gain the creative ability and adaptability to the changes in their careers as well as in social environment.

MaskOf Zero 18/1/17 20:47

The school network covers almost all residential areas providing convenience to the learners. Education for ethnic minority people has made some positive changes.

Love Peace 18/1/17 20:48

The knowledge level and new knowledge access ability have been increasingly improved in a part of students.

yobro yobro 18/1/17 20:49

The political stability and achievements in economic development and people's living standard improvement gained from the transition period have made a sudden increase of the learning demands and gradually improved the conditions as well as created an advantaged environment for education and training development.

Jane smartnic 18/1/17 20:53

A child’s neurological system is naturally designed to seek out the sensory input it needs in order to develop into a strong and capable individual.

LawrenceSamuels 18/1/17 20:54

We care about our children so much. We are just trying to protect them.

Gentle Moon 18/1/17 20:55

Ironically, kids were already on playgrounds that had been padded to the hilt, meaning that the kids had no need to pay attention to what they were doing.

John Smith 18/1/17 20:56

I love this article. As a father I have seen the effect of open, child-directed outside play. Thank you!

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