Power must necessarily be controlled (Part 1)

Kết quả hình ảnh cho control national power
The Communist Party of Vietnam is aware of and has confirmed in its resolutions that state power belongs to the people. Power control is both humane values of a progressive society to prevent and combat degeneration of state power and society and to achieve the objective of genuine socialism for a sustainable, lasting state in people’s service.
Power is like an unruly “horse". Those who do not possess good personality, if asked to ride the horse, will be thrown down, destroyed and killed by the horse. Power is the double-edged "knife" which can serve life and can do harm to the country if in the hands of incompetent and greedy people. In 2011, the 11th Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam mentioned power control though very slightly. Unfortunately, this line was not specified. Before and during the 12th Congress, the Party General Secretary at least twice emphasized the control the power.
First question to be elaborated is why does power has to be controlled? If not, what will happen?
The State power belongs to the people which was so at the beginning and will be so forever; it does not belong to spirit, any one individual, a family or a clan; nor any organization. For long, the Communist Party of Vietnam has recognized and has been repeatedly confirmed in its resolutions that state power belongs to the people. The people do not directly keep all, but just some key issues (discussed later); the rest is authorized to the state to manage and use power to protect, serve the people, create a developing country.
However, in history there were many cases when people (or group of people) by political tricks plundered the people's power, dominated the people; people, after authorization of their power, lost power, and the authorized people were gradually corrupted by power; they did not use power to protect and serve people as originally promised, but for the benefit of individuals, families, clans, of groups of people; they turned back to coerce, bully and dreprived the people-the owner of power of their power.
In any place and at anytime, power always has two sides. The positive side is it is the most effective tool to rally forces to build and protect the country, to build a better society if power is in the hands of people with good personality. The negative side, it always corrupts people and apparatus with poor personality when there is no effective mechanisms to control power. Such degeneration exists in nature of man and power. There are those who at first (without power) are good, but once have power gradually become degenerated, even to the extent of betraying people, selling out the country for the sake of personal interests. Some people change their nature very quickly, after only one vote, they almost become a different person, changing their gait, the way of speaking and shaking hands, showing their superiority. When people reach the peak of power, then it is time they start losing, but first of all lose himself. In the peak of power, few people can see potential intrinsic risks of power, if they are not leaders with great personality, profound wisdom, able to control themselves and magic temptations of power, to meditate and adopt vision. Once having power in hands, that is the time to start losing themselves and good personality. 
Power control, first of all, is to ensure that power always belongs to its rightful owner, meaning belongs to the people, to be used for right purposes, not being taken advantage of or abused. When power is abused it is inevitable that authorities will be corrupted. It is also the most important reason leading to social ethic degeneration. Power degeneration will inevitably lead to the collapse of political regime. If degeneration does not stop and power is not healthy, collapse is unavoidable. The collapse that is self-collapse, if there is any external factor, it is also just nominal.
An important political characteristic of socialism is true and real power always belongs to the people. Only then can a good and sustainable politics exists. Human history has shown that the states of the slave owners, kings and feudalists, the state with power concentration on groups of corrupted, degenerated people who stayed aloof of the revolution, people and the state of financiers (wild capitalism in the early stage) eventually collapsed and ended. Only the state of the people can be sustainable because "people are forever." Thus, power control is both a humane value of a progressive society to prevent and combat degeneration of the state and society and to realize objectives of genuine socialism to have sustainable state to serve the people.
When power is not controlled, its flip side is the most important factor to corrupt officials, corrupt people with power, then corrupt the whole apparatus which is no longer the people’s state but the state which goes against people's interests. In any condition, power corruption in staff and agencies is the biggest cause to social ethic degradation, culture deprivation, lost of internal national power, inertia society which can not prosper and is not strong enough to defend the Fatherland; and expected socialist objective will become far away. 
In its history, the Vietnamese people lost their country several times due to power degeneration. Most of Vietnamese feudal dynasties collapsed because of power corruption. The succeeding dynasties took power with the support of the people and then collapsed because of degeneration. So did those dynasties such as the Ly, the Tran, the Le and the Tay Son which made greatest contribution to the country.

Over the past years, the Vietnamese Party and State have many times proposed lines and called for anti-corruption, anti "group interests," focusing efforts to solve this difficult and complex task; however, the result is still very limited; corruption, "interest groups" are still rampant and complicated, causing social discontent. It gradually spreads out to all fields of social life, management and governance, to areas that are thought to be generally clean and sacred (such as teaching, healthcare, national security, justice to protect the rule including high-level agencies, charity, humanitarian aid, policies to entitle families and people). The most important direct cause is power basically has not been effectively controlled which leads to degeneration of part of cadres and organizations of management and leadership.
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