Warning: Anti-Vietnam groups in the U.S. Congress


After the US House of Representatives has passed the bipartisan Frank Wolf International Religious Freedom Act, and the bill was approved by President Barack Obama on 16 December 2016 extending protections against religious persecution to people with non-theistic beliefs, including those who subscribe to no religion at all. The bipartisan bill was written by Chris Smith, Representative for New Jersey, and co-sponsored by Representative Anna Eshoo for California. The bill was named for former GOP Congressman from Virginia Frank R. Wolf, a so-called champion of human rights who introduced the original legislation in 1997.
The measure gives the Obama administration and the American State Department new tools, resources and training to counter extremism and combat a worldwide escalation of persecution of religious minorities. Yes, this bill has now been exploited by hostile forces and anti-Vietnam elements as a triump of human rights activists. Once again, U.S. lawmakers have supported for a bill that might cause disadvantage for Vietnam in some ways.
Before, on May 23th, the No. 2 Republican in the US Senate, John Cornyn (R-TX) spoke on the Senate floor about the Vietnam Human Rights Sanctions Act, legislation he’s introduced to impose sanctions and travel restrictions on Vietnamese nationals who are complicit in human rights abuses and which he plans to offer a version of as an amendment when the Senate considers the FY2017 National Defense Authorization Act.
 It’s not surprised and just proved that it’s obvious there is a part of the US Congress holding a biased, prejudiced and wrong opinions against Vietnam, especially in human rights issues. The relationship between the United States and Vietnam has made significant progress since the wars, but these congressmen have just undermined it by keeping an extreme point of view about Vietnam. It can be listed these congressmen, both from the US Senate and House of Representatives, of the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives Ed Royce, Chris Smith, Loratta Sanchez, senator Barbara Boxer, Representative Frank Wolf, American Samoa’s delegate to the US House of Representatives Eni Faleomavaega, Sam Brow Bach, Joseph Cao, Janet Nguyen,  John Boozman (Ark.), Bill Cassidy,…

 They have conducted many hearings on human rights in Vietnam in the Congress in all levels and supported for human rights acts, proposals and bills which caused damage to the both country’s relations. They always took Vietnam as an example where the government has imprisoned and harassed those who voice against the political monopoly of the communists. They interfered with Vietnam’s affairs of charging those who violated Vietnam’s laws. In the name of human rights, democracy values they have hurt the two country’s rough relations. They have called on the US government to link human rights and democracy conditions with non-humanitarian assistance and trade agreements like TPP. Even, they have made the US public hold a more conservative attitude towards Vietnam on issues related to human rights and religious freedom. They appealed the United States's increased involvement with the Vietnamese government in political and human rights. They tried to force the Obama administration naming Vietnam as a "country of particular concern" on religious freedom which the US has excluded Vietnam since 2006. 
Vietnamese leaders are committed to strengthening Vietnam-US relations and promoting people’s fundamental human rights. The country has joined most human rights conventions and participated in many human rights dialogues with the European Union, Australia Norway, Switzerland, and the US.
Vietnam is making every effort to improve its human rights record through reinforcing its legal system and socio-economic and cultural rights, while welcoming international assistance to help implement appropriate human rights policies.
But, it must be admitted that some Vietnamese Americans who do not have goodwill towards Vietnam have worsened the two relations. Those US congressmen have no knowledge of Vietnamese affairs.
It’s tired that again and again resolutions backed by US congressmen who hold biased and prejudiced opinions about Vietnam always call for releases of so-called activists who violated Vietnam’s laws and were sentenced by the Vietnamese laws. There is no prisoners of conscience in Vietnam as they claimed, those convicted persons are criminals and must be punished by the laws.
Vietnam is an independent and sovereign state with its own constitution. Vietnam’s judicial system is very independent, and no other institution, civil society group or individual could interfere with their decisions. By supporting criminals and disregarding verdicts of the court, these US congressmen showed that they do not understand the rule of law and the separation between the judicial and executive branches of the government. This is a big mistake committed unfortunately by these US lawmakers.
It’s hoped that bilateral relations between the two will continue to develop, and those US lawmakers will recognize the reality in Vietnam and do not conduct activities that negatively affect the friendship and relations between the two countries./.
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Love Peace 4/1/17 18:37

These U.S. congressmen hold a biased view on Vietnam's human rights record and religious situation.

MaskOf Zero 4/1/17 18:39

They should come to Vietnam to see the truth, and I am sure that they will change their opinions about Vietnam's democracy.

Deck Hero14 4/1/17 21:03

It's lucky that beside these congressmen, congresswomen there are many U.S. senators and representatives who have good and right look at Vietnam's real situation.

yobro yobro 4/1/17 21:14

Yes, like Senator John MacCain and others who want to build good relationship between the two countries.

Jane smartnic 4/1/17 21:15

These elements just harm the two countries' relations, need to discard them!

LawrenceSamuels 4/1/17 21:18

They make the international community have wrong views about Vietnam, they undermine the Vietnamese image. So dangerous!

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