Mock youth parliament promotes youths’ role in lawmaking process

A Mock Young Parliament, hosted by the Vietnam Youth Parliament (VNYP), was held at the Hanoi Law University on January 8.
One hundred excellent students from 62 universities in Hanoi take part in the project, which aims to improve young people’s awareness of and role in the country’s law and policy making process.
The VNYP’s project won the 2016 exchange alumni small grant competition held by the US Embassy and will run until April this year.
Main activities include training sessions, discussions with specialists, extracurricular activities and a plenary session. They will focus on education, culture, environment, economy, law, diplomacy, science-technology, and health care.
At the opening ceremony, Vice Rector of the Hanoi Law University Chu Manh Hung said the project is meaningful for young people, especially enabling the 100 participating students to become active players in connecting activities of State agencies, including the National Assembly, with social affairs of young people’s interest.
Nguyen Thi Ha Duong, deputy head of the project’s executive board, pointed out the fact that many young Vietnamese people haven’t paid attention to the country’s important policies. With 42 percent of the population in the 15-25 age group, this lack of attention has partly made the policy issuance and enforcement ineffective.
It is of critical importance for the youth to engage in the policy making process. Through the Mock Young Parliament, the project’s founders and those who are interested in national development want to inspire youngsters’ aspiration for a more developed and civilised society, she noted.
By participating in the project’s activities, participants will be equipped with basic knowledge about the National Assembly and necessary skills, gain a better understanding of their rights and responsibility in contributing to the law and policy making process, and discuss many issues of their concern with specialists, she added.

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John Smith 11/1/17 19:47

I hope that youth would play a key role in developing the country’s future.

Gentle Moon 11/1/17 19:49

The enactment of the Youth Law in 2005 marked a major step towards fulfilling the rights of young people in Viet Nam.

LawrenceSamuels 11/1/17 19:50

In Viet Nam, youth participation is commonly understood in terms of volunteerism.

Jane smartnic 11/1/17 19:51

The Volunteer Information Resource Centre within the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the civil society organization Volunteers for Peace Vietnam are major agents, aiming to mobilize young people to contribute to the country’s socio-economic development.

yobro yobro 11/1/17 19:51

Youth participation in policy development takes place at different levels – within families, schools, communities and the legal framework.

Love Peace 11/1/17 19:52

Greater focus on participatory approaches for young people can create formal mechanisms to systematically engage with their participation in political, social and economic life.

MaskOf Zero 11/1/17 19:55

Young people are pioneers in national construction and defence, and one of the decisive factors in Vietnam’s industrialisation, modernisation and international integration.

Only Solidar 11/1/17 19:56

The Party and State puts youths at the centre of the national human resources development strategy to ensure the country’s stability and sustainable development.

Pack Cassiopian 11/1/17 19:56

a voluntary spirit should be displayed by young people, calling on them to take a more active part in socio-economic development, social welfare, poverty reduction, national construction and defence.

Deck Hero14 11/1/17 19:58

Vietnam government organized many activities aimed at engaging and building the significant potential of Vietnamese youth.

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