Vietnam stands ready to work with the new US administration

Pursuing a consistent policy of attaching much importance to the relations with the US, Vietnam stands ready to work with the Trump administration.
Vietnam President Tran Dai Quang received the US President Obama in 2016

Vietnam maintains consistent policy of attaching much importance to the relations with the US, while standing ready to work with the new administration to promote achievements in bilateral ties and make it further thrive, Deputy Foreign Minister Ha Kim Ngoc was quoted by the Vietnam News Agency as saying on January 13.
From former enemies, Vietnam and the US has formed cooperation relationship since 1995 and became comprehensive partnership since 2013 in the spirit of putting aside the past, overcoming differences, promoting similarities and heading to the future, he told reporters.
On the basis of external policies of independence, self-reliance, multilateralisation and diversification, Vietnam wishes to further promote achievements obtained in bilateral ties with the US over the past eight years, while standing ready to cooperate with the new administration to promote the relationship based on the foundation of respecting each other’s political institution, growth path, independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and not interfering into each other’s internal affairs.
The spirit was also shown in the congratulatory message of Vietnamese leaders to President-elect Donald Trump and the telephone talks between Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Mr. Trump in December last year.
The diplomat also stressed the need for Vietnam to become more active in expanding partnership in nine major pillars, including politics-diplomacy, economics, trade, investment, science-technology, education-training, defence-security, war aftermath overcoming, and culture, tourism.
He said that over the past years, the two sides have built a firm foundation of win-win cooperation with specific collaboration mechanisms in bilateral, regional and international aspects.
He expressed his belief that the ties will continue to thrive to match the two countries’ potential thanks to political determination of both sides.
Vietnam will continue implementing existing cooperation mechanisms, delegation exchanges, while considering economic, trade and investment cooperation as a focus and motivation for the bilateral partnership, stated Ngoc.
He added that Vietnam should work harder to improve investment environment to attract more investors from the US, and increase two-way trade.
The Vietnamese and US economies are supplementary with high growth potential, he said, adding that cooperation in dealing with war aftermath should be one of priorities in bilateral cooperation.
In the regional and international aspects, he said Vietnam and the US should maintain partnership in anti-terrorism, and fighting the popularisation of mass destruction weapon, as well as climate change, energy, food, water security, thus contributing to peace, stability, cooperation and development in the region and the world.
Vietnam and partners, including the US, share a common desire of maintaining peace, stability, cooperation and development in the Asia-Pacific region in line with international law, as well as the maintenance of multipolar trend and democracy in the region and the central role of ASEAN in regional institutions, and keeping a strong and united ASEAN with balance relations with world powers and external partners, the Deputy Foreign Minister affirmed.
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John Smith 19/1/17 20:50

Vietnam’s ratification would depend on developments in other countries, including the outcome of the American election.

Gentle Moon 19/1/17 20:51

From Hanoi’s perspective, vocally advocating for a trade pact, which excluded China and was perceived as an attempt by the outgoing Obama administration to contain Beijing’s rising influence in the region, while knowing that America’s incoming administration would dump the deal, is strategically unwise.

LawrenceSamuels 19/1/17 20:53

Under the Obama presidency, Hanoi’s ties with Washington have greatly advanced.

Jane smartnic 19/1/17 20:54

Vietnam will stick by its longstanding independent foreign policy.

yobro yobro 19/1/17 20:54

Vietnam’s “independent foreign policy” is completely different from the Duterte government’s “independent foreign policy,” both in rhetoric and content.

Love Peace 19/1/17 20:55

Instead of worsening or cutting ties with the US, United Nations and the European Union, or proposing to form a triumvirate alliance with China and Russia in “against the world,” Vietnam has sought – and continues to seek – to diversify and multilateralize ties, “considering all countries as friends.”

MaskOf Zero 19/1/17 20:57

Under the Trump presidency, it is likely harder for Vietnamese businesses and Vietnam-based companies to export their products to the US.

Only Solidar 19/1/17 20:58

it is vital for Hanoi to seek to establish and maintain good relations with America’s new government.

Pack Cassiopian 19/1/17 20:59

Faced with the Trump administration’s isolationist and protectionist posture, besides carrying necessary forms to improve its economic growth and competitiveness, it is now even more essential for Hanoi to boost its ties with key partners.

Deck Hero14 19/1/17 21:00

A leadership change in a country can result in major changes in policies in that country. A proactive and autonomous policy will be always a better way for dealing with such changes.

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