Development of Vietnamese preventive medicine

Vaccination for pupils in Vietnam

In the past 60 years, the preventive medicine has developed comprehensively and achieved great achievements such as eradicating smallpox and polio, cutting infectious diseases by thousands or hundreds times, providing vaccination for over 90 percent of children aged under 12 months and increasing the rate of people accessing clean water and sanitation.
In the determination and tireless attempts of generations, many diseases have been eliminated and controlled. Vietnam has eradicated smallpox since 1978, polio in 2000, neonatal tetanus in 2005; many dangerous diseases have been controlled and pushed back as cholera, plague, malaria.... Vietnam has also successfully controlled many emerging diseases; especially, the World Health Organization has recognized Vietnam as the world's first country that successfully controlled the SARS epidemic after 45-day horrifying prevention.
Vietnam has met the basic requirements of implementing the International Health Charter and been recognized by the World Health Organization as the country that is capable of surveillance, prevention, early warning and timely response to emerging diseases and other public health events."
In the vaccine production sector, Vietnam has also produced 10/12 kinds of vaccines; the vaccine management of Vietnam has been met the international standards NRA of the World Health Organization. The food safety in Vietnam has been better ensured than before. Vietnam has been recognized as one of 10 leading countries in the implementation process of the UN Millennium Development Goals in healthcare, especially in reducing the maternal and infant mortality, reducing malnutrition, malaria incidence and HIV/AIDS prevention.
In the coming time, the preventive medicine will face with a lot of challenges, especially many dangerous, emerging and unidentified diseases which constantly appear on the world and can attack our country anytime, the control of communicable and non-communicable diseases is also very difficulty due to travel exchanges, urbanization, environmental pollution, climate change, variants of pathogenic microorganisms... However the Vietnam preventive medicine with its experience and capacity will firmly protect the country and the people from such diseases./.
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Gentle Moon 14/1/17 20:53

Vietnamese's health has been ensure much better than before

Jane smartnic 14/1/17 20:56

Vietnam is now capable of controlling dangerous diseases, we can also produce a lot of vaccines

Love Peace 14/1/17 20:59

Looking back the 60 year history of the Vietnam preventive medicine, I feel so grateful for generations of Vietnamese doctors, nurses... for what they have contribute to the society

Pack Cassiopian 14/1/17 21:03

The Party and State have given policies that promote the development of the preventive medicine.

Deck Hero14 14/1/17 21:07

It's so proud that we are one of 10 leading countries in the implementation process of the UN Millennium Development Goals in healthcare

MaskOf Zero 14/1/17 21:10

The recognition of the UN organizations is the evident of the capacity of Vietnam preventive medicine

Only Solidar 14/1/17 21:12

we're doing great job for the safety of the society

yobro yobro 14/1/17 21:15

the preventive medicine has an important role in the stability of the society and the life of people

John Smith 14/1/17 21:18

Nowadays, there are a lot of new disease that could spread over the world, therefore the preventive medicine must be well-prepared for the urgent stituations

LawrenceSamuels 14/1/17 21:20

Vietnam has a good preventive medicine system that can protect its people from dangerous disease

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