The US Secretary praises the optimism of Vietnamese students


January 13, at the meeting with students of the Ho Chi Minh City Technical University, the US Secretary of State John Kerry had told the story about his meeting with a 6-year-old girl in the park to praise the optimism of Vietnamese pupils and students.
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Pack Cassiopian 15/1/17 15:06

I like him, he has realized the potential for development of Vietnam

MaskOf Zero 15/1/17 15:08

He has contributed a lot for the development of the relationship between the two country.

Love Peace 15/1/17 15:09

John has a practical thinking

Deck Hero14 15/1/17 15:13

I want to see the US and Vietnam have more cooperation in all aspects as we can.

Only Solidar 15/1/17 15:15

The United States is strengthening security cooperation with Vietnam

Gentle Moon 15/1/17 15:17

There are a lot of Vietnamese students studying in the US. They are bridges between the US and Vietnam

John Smith 15/1/17 15:21

Vietnam is among top optimistic countries all over the world. Vietnamese always believe in the leadership of the Party and State

LawrenceSamuels 15/1/17 15:23

Vietnamese students are very clever, they will be the next owners of the country.

yobro yobro 15/1/17 15:26

The US-Vietnam relationship has transferred from foes to friends

Jane smartnic 15/1/17 15:30

We both has interest when the other develops, therefore we should set aside our differences and support each other on the mutual issues.

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