How does the US take advantage of NATO in the conflict with Russia?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is only made for the United State not for NATO and this alliance is no longer having the reason for existing in this 21st century.
That was the idea of Stephen Kinzer, a senior fellow at the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University on his article on The Boston Globe.
“When NATO leaders convene for a summit in Warsaw on Friday, they will insist that their alliance is still vital because Russian aggression threatens Europe. The opposite is true. NATO has become America’s instrument in escalating our dangerous conflict with Russia. We need less NATO, not more.” Stephen Kinzer wrote.
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was founded in 1949 as a way for American troops to protect a war-shattered Europe from Stalin’s Soviet Union
Today Europe is quite capable of shaping and paying for its own security, but NATO’s structure remains unchanged. In Stephen Kinzer’ opinion, the United States should remain politically close to European countries but stop telling them how to defend themselves.
“They (European countries) might pull back from the snarling confrontation with Russia into which NATO is leading them.” the analyst continued.
According to the expert from The Boston Globe, Russia threatens none of America’s vital interests. On the contrary, it shares our eagerness to fight global terror, control nuclear threats, and confront other urgent challenges to global security.
Yet the American generals who run NATO, desperate for a new mission, have fastened onto Russia as an enemy. This week’s NATO summit will be a festival of chest-thumping, with many warnings about the Russian “threat” and solemn vows to meet it with shows of military force.
NATO views trouble between Russia and nearby countries as a military problem. The conflict with Russia, however, is essentially political, not military and diplomatic measures are needed.
Europeans, according to Mr. Kinzer, believe tit-for-tat escalation is the best way to deal with Russia at this time and European Union should apply this method.
NATO commanders and their political masters in Washington do not want to surrender control over European security. They fear Europeans would seek conciliation with Russia rather than follow the NATO model of in-your-face confrontation.

“That prospect is abhorrent to American generals, politicians, and defense contractors. By continuing to finance NATO, we buy the right to flash our swords on Russia’s borders.” the expert explained.
The expert also predicted, NATO should be next after the Britain’s vote to quit the European Union (Brexit). The vote was “a rude jolt to the encrusted world order. Now the EU has been shocked into reality.”
Mr. Kinzer concluded, NATO helped to keep peace in Europe during the Cold War. It is not suited to the 21st century. By stoking tension with Russia, it contributes to instability, not stability. Europe needs a new security system. Unlike NATO, it should be designed by Europeans to meet European needs./.

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